Planning Trips for 2015

As I write this, I have about ten tabs open on my google chrome internet thing. It’s looking like eight of the ten are travel related. One is my blog, another is SkyScanner. Another two are websites selling tours to different places. The remaining pages are companies, places, and flights that I searched in efforts to find where and what to do next.

Y’all have been incredibly patient with me as I make the transition (for now) back into functioning adult mode who goes to work and pays her taxes and gets eight hours of sleep. Who is that girl!? Jaysus (as the Irish would say), I don’t even know her. But, it’s who I am at the moment. However, that travel bug living inside of me is starting to creep out….

So I want to go on 12 trips in 12 months. But where in the world to go!? And how on Earth will I be able to pay for them? The where to go is a lot easier to answer than the how to pay for them.

The USA has SO much to offer. Beaches, mountains, prairies, and deserts. It has everything! I want to ski in Colorado, hike in Idaho, watch the geysers erupt in Yellow Stone, and camp in the Grand Canyon. I also want to explore my home state and region. I’ve already done some of that, but I haven’t done any writing on it. *Bad Morgan!* haha I have about seven drafts that I’m working on from my recent trips. They’ll get published, I promise!!

As for how to pay for everything…. Well, I have a job. I’m not terrible at saving and can budget. It’s just a matter of knowing where to go and knowing how much I need. There’s also the discussion of should I move out of my parent’s house or not. I am fully aware that if I move out, I will have to pick up rent and bills. Automatically, my savings will go down the drain. I won’t be able to save for my trips, and may never be able to even go on the small ones near home. Sooo… the struggle is real. To save for travel? Or to have my own place?

Le sigh.

After much deliberation, I’ve created a kind of dream schedule for how I would love for the year to go. This is in zero way shape or form of how the actual year would go. Much like my 14 in 2014, plans change. I was able to reach eleven countries in 2014, which is quite the accomplishment living on the small salary that I was. I am open to changing my plans, deleting some places, and sometimes taking a month off to save for an even better trip later on. Many of the places on the list I have already been to, but have not been as an adult. I need to go back to these places and fully dive into what they have to offer.

So, here it is. The hopeful 12 in 12.

January: Orlando, Florida ✓

My family and I spend the New Year in Orlando as y’all know. My January trip is taken care of.

February: Charleston, South Carolina 

Colonial America and the home of the beginning of the American Civil War. So. Much. History.

March: Helen, Georgia

If you haven’t heard of this small town in the North Georgia Mountains, then you need to do some googling. It’s adorable!

April: Asheville, North Carolina

The Biltmore House was built by the Vanderbilt family, and it is essentially America’s castle. There’s going to be wine tasting and exploring and mountains.

May: Grand Canyon, Arizona

One of the many things on my bucket list is to go camping in the Grand Canyon. No time better than the near future right?

June: Boise, Idaho

I met Hailey, blogger/owner of Go Forth, Explorer, when we were studying abroad in Scotland in 2012. She is from Idaho and I’ve always wanted to get to that part of the country. Why not go visit a travel friend and gain a new state in the process?! Plus, hiking?! Yes.

July: San Francisco, California

Aoibhin was one of my roommates in Dublin. She will be living in San Francisco for the summer on a J1 Visa. I have to go visit her of course.

August: New Orleans, Louisiana

I’ve just flat never been to New Orleans. One of my best friends is getting married this summer and she and her soon-to-be husband will settledown in NOLA. Another perfect excuse? Yes.

September: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I was a history major in college. There aren’t many places in America that hold more historical significance than Philadelphia.

October: New England Road Trip

So the girls and I want to go on a road trip of some of the New England states. The great thing is that most of those states are small and we can get through them rather quickly. Also, the fall colors will be stunning in those mountains.

November: Washington D.C

I have a few friends in the DC area that I would love to go visit!! Also, one can visit Washington DC 1,000 times and never see all of the monuments and museums. I need to go check a few more off of my list that I didn’t have the chance to see last time.

December: New York, New York

I’ve been to New York City twice in my life, and both times, it was before I could drive. Let’s be real, I was incredibly overwhelmed and kind of shocked. I need to go back as an adult and truly take it in.

So that’s the list as of this moment in time. Will it change? Yes. Will I get to them all? No. Will I go broke trying? Yes.

Cheers to 12 in 12!!

24 thoughts on “Planning Trips for 2015

  1. Hooray for New England and NYC! I live in Connecticut and well, it’s a pretty state to drive through. That’s about all we’ve got going for us, that and our proximity to NYC and Boston 😛

    1. Ah perfect!! I’ve heard good things about it! I cannot wait to get up there. There’s a giant whole hole in my map where New England is. lol I’ve only been as far north on the east coast as NYC. Have to finish the eastern sea board!!

  2. Biltmore is absolutely lovely! I love going there and drinking wine and feeling like a railroad tycoon. 😛
    And, while on your New England trip, you should go take a tour of Emerson’s house in Concord, Mass. It sounds strange, but it has a bunch of literary history and, as a book nerd, I must confess that I absolutely adore it.
    In addition, if you have a bit extra money, you should go to Cuttihunk Island just for the day. There is absolutely nothing to do except enjoy nature and stroll about. I went there in January a few years ago, and it was cold but lovely. I think the best access point to the harbor is near Salem, or that one whaling town nearby? Hmm, I don’t quite remember.

    1. Ahhh thank you!!! My friends will be so happy to hear those things too! There are so many beautiful places up there to see. It’ll be nice to have your recommendation in the mix

  3. I went to Helen after going to Tallulah Gorge (of which I almost died at). I could not stop laughing the whole time I was there.

  4. For a long time save for traveling or moving to live on my own was not even a question. Travel always won obviously, and it probably would win again but luckily I found a job that actually pays for my housing!!! Which is a good thing because to be living at your parents past your 30’s would be too embarrassing!! p.s. cool list, can’t wait to read about your trips as they materialize 🙂

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