Love/Hate: Carrollton, GA

Love – Carrollton’s got personality.

Hate – The personalities.

Love – It’s small with a population of twenty-something-thousand.

Hate – Because it’s small, everyone knows everyone.

Love – The square. It is perfect.

Hate – That (as of this moment) I have to drive to it.

Love – The road signs that warn you about the ducks crossing the street.

Hate – Having to swerve when driving because of all of the animals trying to cross the street.

Love – Gallery Row Coffee Shop.

Hate – Coffee is not free.

Love – My family and friends are here.

Hate – My family and people I do not like are here.

Love – Carrollton was founded in 1829, so it has an abundance of old buildings and houses.

Hate – The old homes are so dang expensive.

Love – The Green Belt.

Hate – That it is currently 41f and I cannot go for the run my body so desperately needs.

Love – Living at home because of the free rent and food and all.

Hate – Living at home because I don’t have my own space.

Love – The way people talk with southern accents.

Hate – There isn’t a diversity of “world” accents. Ie: Irish, English, Colombian, etc.

Love – That Carrollton, GA is my hometown.

Hate – That I can’t live somewhere else right now.


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