Traveling to Watch Auburn Football

Happy New Year!!! 

WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!

IT’S GAME DAY Y’ALL!!!! I know that doesn’t mean much to many of y’all, but traveling for Auburn football has been a major part of our families life. Today, we play Wisconsin for the third time in recent history (and by recent, I mean in my memory).

In the below columns (thank you, I listed the bowl games Auburn has played in since I have been alive. I was born in 1991. I’ve highlighted the bowl games I remember having gone to.

1995 Outback Penn State 13-42 L
1996 Independence Army 32-29 W
1997 Peach Clemson 21-17 W
2000 Citrus Michigan 28-31 L
2001 Peach North Carolina 10-16 L
2002 Capital One Penn State 13-9 W
2003 Music City Wisconsin 28-14 W
2004 Sugar Virginia Tech 16-13 W
2005 Capital One Wisconsin 10-24 L
2006 Cotton Nebraska 17-14 W
2007 Chick-fil-A Clemson 23-20 W
2009 Outback Northwestern (OT) 38-35 W
2010 BCS Championship Oregon 22-19 W
2011 Chick-fil-A Virginia 42-23 W
2013 BCS Championship Florida State 31-34 L
2014 Outback Wisconsin ? ?

The Outback bowl is played in Tampa, Florida, Citrus/Capital One in Orlando, Florida, Peach/Chick-fil-A in Atlanta, Georgia, Music City in Nashville, Tennessee, and the highlighted BCS Championship was in Glendale, Arizona. As you can see, my family and I have been all over the States to watch Auburn play football. Those are just the bowl games I went to!

My cousins and other relatives made the trip to New Orleans, Louisiana in 2004 for the Sugar bowl, and my sister Payton got to go to Dallas, Texas in 2006 for the Cotton bowl. I missed the 2013 BCS Championship in Pasadena, California because I was in Ireland, but several of my family members flew to the other side of the country to cheer the Tigers to victory!

I have been to many of the schools in our conference when Auburn has played there. We’ve even been to games in stadiums outside of our conference like in 2002 when we flew to California to watch Auburn play USC.

I hope you’re getting the picture that my family and I travel to watch Auburn play football. Today is no different. We would go to the ends of the earth to cheer our team to victory. Traveling to these various places across America makes the memories all the sweeter to know that they are mixed with Auburn football.

I believe in Auburn and love it. War Eagle and Happy New Year!

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