My Writing Process

The great and wonderful Travel with G has tagged me to tell y’all about my writing process. Here it goes!


Oh gosh. When I was in middle school, my doctor diagnosed me with ADHD, but I’ve grown to control it. I recently read one of those list articles called 20 Things to Remember If You Love a Person with ADD. The article talks about how people with ADD/ADHD are always thinking of the next project and don’t stay on task and get anxiety and are impatient and are disorganized.

That is my life.

I am hyper, energetic, constantly moving, and highly disorganized (although, I like to call it organized chaos). Like I said earlier, I have grown to control most of my behavior. I still get really excited about one project, throw all of my efforts into it, and then about half way through, I’ll begin another project that will have my full attention. With that in mind, I am working on several projects, and I am trying my hardest to give each of them the attention they deserve.

Project 1: Writing

I created this blog on February 1, 2014. For the last ten months, I have thrown great efforts into blogging often and gaining followers. I do my best to write interesting topics that people would want to read and to keep coming back to read more. Y’all readers are the best because y’all do keep coming back! THANK YOU! 🙂 In the last ten months, I’ve consolidated all of my social media sites/apps to run parallel with Travel Morgan Travel. My dream is for my blog to become one of the places people come to when they are researching for travel and life abroad. I’m on my way. It’s a slow go, but I’m getting there.

The Times-Georgian is the local newspaper in my hometown. I began writing a weekly column for them at the end of February and continue that now. My plan is to attempt to syndicate the column come the new year. I’ve researched the syndication process and which different syndicates I would like to try to go through. Hopefully, I will be picked up before I leave again next summer. If that works out, I will be able to gain a new following in newspapers across America before I leave for __________!! It’s a long shot, but something I am working towards.

Freelancing has been the most difficult branch to break into. I’ve written a few pieces but not many. As you’ll see below, I have a lot of other stuff going on now. If I were able to go full time on writing, I would probably stand a better chance. But it’s difficult to find time to research, pitch, follow up, and write when I have so much going on. Within the next couple of years, I hope to be a full-time writer. Then I’ll be able to throw all efforts into blogging, being a columnist, and writing freelance.

Project 2: Multiple Part Time Jobs

Explorations in Antiquity is a museum about forty-five minutes south of where I live. I am a tour guide.

My dad own his own business here in town.

Babysitting when requested.

All three of those positions are great, but they are not stable. I am called on a need only basis, and I am currently still looking for a more stable work schedule.

Project 3: TEFL Course

Yesterday I began the TEFL course online. I’ve never done online schooling before. It’s going to take some SERIOUS concentration for me to sit down everyday or almost everyday and churn this thing out.

Project 4: Planning for the next trip

As I hinted yesterday, I will be leaving off again before too long. I’m in the process of applying for that program and researching the country I will be in. I need to budget too.

As you can see, I am working on several different projects right now. And that’s not including having a life and still traveling when I can. I am your classic ADHD person. I’m never working on just one project, but several at the same time.


I follow countless people who are in similar situations as I am. They want to be abroad or have been abroad or are abroad. We all share our trials and tribulations on the road, but what I believe makes me different, is that I really don’t hold anything back. If something sucks ass, I will tell you about it. I will come out and be like, “Dude, that blows monkey balls. Don’t do it.” Or “I really like Mexican food and Europe just doesn’t cut it when it comes to recreating the flavor tornado that is Mexican cuisine.”

However, I do balance that out with the good! If something is truly awesome, I won’t hold back. For instance, the Swiss Alps was THE most breathtaking experience I’ve ever had. I just came out as hyper-active, and for me to tell y’all that I was speechless, it must be true.

I’ve always worn my emotions on my sleeve. I can’t hide them. For those of you who have met me in person, you know that I am a very animated person. I talk with my hands; I dance as I walk, and I cry when good commercials come on TV. I do my very best to share that emotional side of me with my readers. It makes me vulnerable but let’s y’all know that I am a real person. I’m not here to fluff life abroad. It sucks ass at times, but it also is one of the most rewarding experiences. That is what I want to come across in my writing. That is why I’m different.


I write to tell my story and to inspire others to create their own.

No two stories are the same. We all do things for different reasons. I’m open with why I’ve made the decisions I have so that others will know they aren’t the only ones feeling the way they do. I couldn’t tell you how many emails I’ve gotten from people who are wanting to make a change, a big change, to take a chance across the seas in some other foreign land. I am SO happy for those people.

It’s my one and only true goal of why I write. I want to inspire other people to take the chance. Take that leap across the world, or to even more to a big city in their home countries.


Well, that’s a loaded question. My writing process isn’t a process and there is no work. Haha. I write as I feel Sometimes I’ll plan a post while others are quite literally my emotions at that time. I almost always have music playing in the background and I usually have sometime of food or drink near by. 90% of the time I don’t proof read. I mean, I’ll proof read as I write and then I’ll go back over it once, but I never scrutinize over the words. I’m a big believer in words coming out of me for a reason. My brain chose that word because in that moment, that’s what I felt. That’s what I wanted to say. So I just go with it.

Now, that’s for my blog. When I write for the column I DO proofread. Haha! No, I don’t send horribly written things to the editor of the newspaper. Good gosh. Talk about unprofessionalism haha! The rest of the process is pretty much the same. Sometimes I will plan a column while others are just emotions pouring out. It varies.

So now I am going to ask a few of y’all to tell me about YOUR writing process.

Shannon from Diagnosing Wanderlust and I met on Twitter in one of those Twitter Travel Talks. She and I both share a love of Ireland.

Alex from the Art of Not Sitting Still commented on one of my posts here on my blog and we’ve been friends ever since. Small world! He and I actually have a mutual friend!!! When I was in Ireland, I became good friends with a guy named Biru. Turns out, Biru and Alex went to high school together! The world is TINY y’all!

Kat from The Wanderer and I follow each other on Instagram. Her pictures are fantastic and so is her blog.


7 thoughts on “My Writing Process

  1. jess says:

    I loved the bit about your process – SO “you”. People don’t even know, man. But that’s the Mo we know and love – doing work and making dreams happen! ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. Travel with G says:

    Morgan! Loved reading about your process. Ha, ha – I totally understand. I’m ADD – and through the years I’ve learned how to stay on task and get organized. Not easy. Sometimes I wonder how I became an attorney – but did it!

    So love your enthusiasm and energy. Wishing you all kinds of success in your future 😉 You’re gonna do just fine – and you’ll have a blast doing it.

    Thanks for sharing!!



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