11 Things a Traveler Does while Not on the Road

1: Constantly check SkyScanner for the cheapest flights to the destination of their choice


Currently on SkyScanner, I could fly from Newark Airport to Dublin, Ireland for $513 in December……

2: Keep the Weather App loaded with places all over the world


Always dreaming of better weather

3: Have your Passport in your wallet at all times


Because like, just in case…

4: Instagram pictures of old trips on days that aren’t just #tbt




Oh Ireland…. 

5: Sit on the BuzzFeed Travel page


Click, click, click, click

6: Publish really whiney blog posts about how bad they miss this one place from that one time


Yep, this has happened multiple times. Oops…

7: Chose a super cheap lunch or dinner sometimes because saving that $$$ would go better in the “Travel Money Piggy Bank”


“But I’m so close to having enough….”

8: Ask for money for Christmas, birthdays, and any other gift receiving holiday purely because money for plane tickets is more logical than money for anything else


“Do you want something for Christmas or money?” – my Aunt. “Money. Def.” – Me

9: Remminece about previous trips



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Got #Scotland on the brain

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10: Know exactly where they want to go next




11: Plan their next trip


Research, budget, time tables, applications, breathe, go

11 thoughts on “11 Things a Traveler Does while Not on the Road

  1. Alright I DEFINITELY don’t know where I want to go next! I want to go everywhere 🙁 Also, are you insulting my whiny blog posts because I definitely do that… haha Don’t forget stumbleupon too!

    These are all so true 🙁 Why cant we always be on the road???

  2. Number 1 and 2 is SO me! I do it every day, unless I have trips lined up for the next few months. A favourite pastime of mine is also googling “where to go in [insert month]” and whatever I like seeing I’ll research more and copy text and images into OneNote. This way I have a neat file with travel suggestions 🙂

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