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I have a question for y’all.

What kind of technologies do you use while traveling?

Personally, I’m a big fan of Apple products. I have a MacBook Pro and an iPhone. Without those two things, I cannot produce material as fast. Whether that’s blog posts, Instagram pictures, or Tweet. Without the iPhone or MacBook, I’d be useless. Y’all wouldn’t be able to keep up with me as fast purely because I wouldn’t be able to get the information out there.

The camera issue is a big one. I don’t have a professional camera; I’m not a photographer. 94% of my pictures are taken on my iPhone, and the other 6% is taken on my Nikon1. It’s a great camera, but it’s not a professional camera. The iPhone is so quick and versatile, and frankly, it takes pretty good pictures. They aren’t amazing. Please don’t get me wrong. But they aren’t terrible either.

Reading is one of the ways that I like to pass time while in transit from point A to point B. Because books are cumbersome and get heavy, I use a Kindle to serve my multipurpose reading needs. Further from holding countless books, the Kindle has access to the amazon store. Y’all, I’ve bought movies, tv shows, games, and apps that keep me entertained and connected while on the road.

I’m presently in a box of “when I upgrade, what direction should I go in?” I know I’ll get a new iPhone for Christmas. Our current plan will be ready for upgrade, but should I go iPhone 6 or 6 Plus? Should I invest in a better more professional camera? But I don’t think I want to sell my pictures. As of this moment, I’m not a professional blogger, so I don’t know that I need a great camera with Photoshop and stuff.

So I guess what I’m getting at, is what technologies do y’all use while traveling?

Feel free to let me know! πŸ™‚

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  1. I am am also in the same box!! I’m thinking of going for the iPhone 6, only because the 6 plus looks huge. Like you I love my Apple products – i thought my macbook was broken earlier because it would not turn on and I was 100% ready to break down and cry; it turns out it had just ran out of battery!!!!!! I take all my pictures using my iPhone too, but I am thinking of saving up for a good (enough) camera as I’m getting really into photography lately!

  2. I’ve definitely come across that camera dilemma before. I take all my photos with my iPhone but I know I could produce better ones with a better camera. That being said, I’m not interested in hauling around my giant DSLR. i need a good medium.

  3. I have a dslr camera I travel with and absolutely love! Even with it I find myself using the iPhone more and more for pictures because like you said it’s so easy and versatile to use! I’m hoping to get the iPhone 6, I think the plus may be a little too big for me!

  4. Oh the dilemma…I too carry an iPhone and macbook pro. I use both my camera phone and DSLR for photography. I love the DSLR, but tend not to carry it when tooling around town. My camera is a 6 year old Rebel, the EOS Canon series. I love it and it takes great photos, but is not nearly as heavy or bulky as more professional cameras. Another thing, traveling with a DSLR, they really take a beating and get banged around a lot, so I would NOT get an expensive model. Also with the the DSLR, there is a real learning curve, but the flexibility it allows is awesome. Great question and great dialogue!

  5. Hi Morgan, I was using an iPad mini with a Belkin Keyboard while travelling. As I was on a bicycle trip weight and size were essential to keep to a minimum. So that worked fine. As a camera again my choice was influenced by weight and easy usage. My choice is a Canon Poweshot G16. Excellent camera and very good value for money. It has a functionality whith which you can transfer the photographs from the camera to your “writing device” – no additional cable or SD slot on the writing device needed. That turned out to be decicive while travelling.
    iPhone pictures are getting better and better, but I see a difference when pictures are taken by a camera of a certain quality and it makes me happy. Good luck taking the next step – which ever it might be

    1. Thanks!! I know that pictures on the professional cameras are better. I just don’t know if that is what I want to invest in or if I should keep at it the way I am right now. It’s all so confusing!!! :/

      1. First and foremost – it is YOUR blog. If you feel comfortable with it, it is good! So – don’t take any social pressure and do as you like doing it. And I agree – cameras are a special thing to buy. I did some wrong decisions there before, too πŸ™‚

      2. Awe thanks! Peer pressure is real in so many different life situations! It’s funny to think that even cameras in the travel world could be a sense of peer pressure. haha Even what blog platform! It’s crazy

  6. Against everyone here I’m a Samsung girl, I have the Galaxy S5 and love it! The camera is great. I read my books on my IPad and am trying to get a Nikon for Christmas, then I’ll be all set.

    1. I’ve heard WONDERFUL things about Droids! I had one before I got my iPhone two years ago. There are some systems that run so much smoother on Droids and I do miss them. iPhones are so convenient though :/ UGHHH!!! TECHNOLOGYYYYYY

  7. We’re pretty much the same. I’ve got a Kindle for reading, my iPad with a mini keyboard which serves the purpose of a makeshift laptop when needed (and it’s light) and iPhone for pictures. I do have an iPod too, I do like to listen to music on bus rides and helps me sleep as well. Man, does that make me an Apple groupie?

    1. I hadn’t thought about the keyboard for the iPad! You’re the second person to mention that!!! I’ve considered going from my 15in. macbook down to a macbook Air for travel. I’ll wait till closer to my next trip to make that decision I guess. and yes, you are a Apple Groupie!! πŸ˜‰

  8. I moved to france about a year and a half ago and no longer have the iphone upgrade option. πŸ™ The full price of an iPhone is shocking. I still have an iPhone 4S and it’s killing me! I might have to suck it up and get the 6 soon but I would stick the the regular one. The plus is just too big for a phone.

  9. I travel with my iPhone 4S and my iPad (which is a bit outdated, but I still love), as well as a Rebel T5i.
    I use my phone to upload images onto GoogleDrive and WordPress for quick posts while I am traveling.
    I use my camera for uploading photos when I am back at home. Because I travel backpacker style and don’t like having to worry about my technology getting banged up, I never carry my MacBookPro with me anywhere. (Plus, it’s a bit old– I have had it since 2009, so it’s getting a bit battery-tired.)
    So, usually my nice camera photos get added as an edit after I have made the initial posting, or, like my Thailand pictures, I used iPhone images until I could get back home to post my DSLR pics.
    That being said, I usually only travel for a week so the delay isn’t too big. My longest trip was two weeks in Australia (last Christmas) and this year I am going to New Zealand for three weeks over Christmas, so that might change.

    Technology. Love it, hate it.

    1. Ah yayy!! You’re pretty much like me. I only take my laptop when absolutely necesary. I blog on my Kindle or phone when I can. I’m hoping to invest in a MacBook Air before my next adventure. Mayybbeeeeee

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