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5 comments on “Questions about the Working Holiday

  1. I have half of my working holiday authorization approved with the Irish Consulate in Chicago. Now I just need to provide proof of a round-trip ticket and medical insurance. How did you buy your ticket, since you can’t buy a ticket a year in advance and have to provide them proof of a round-trip ticket, not just one-way? I don’t want to come back to the U.S. for any portion of my year in Ireland. And I just called Aer Lingus and they said there is a $150 fee for changing a date on an international ticket, but you cannot change it after a year from the purchase. I am planning on leaving in early December and need to buy the ticket very soon. So that would only bring me to September of next year, when if I leave early December, I would have permission to stay until December. I am just wondering how you navigated this gray area of getting the visa and staying in the country.

    • Hi!! I only just now got back on my blog. I’ve taken some serious time off. Oops haha I actually bough two tickets. I bought the initial ticket out as far as I could and then I used it to come home and visit and then just bought another ticket. I never really looked into the date change option. :/

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