What I’m Doing These Days

So a lot of people have asked me what I’m up to these days. Well, here’s the honest truth.

I’m doing a whole lotta nothin’. 

My dad has taken me on working with him while I search for a job. The museum is gonna let me come back and lead some tours a few days a week. I’m cleaning and sorting through my hordes of stuff. Travel has taken a backseat because, well, I have no money. And I’m bingeing on Netflix and American junk food.

The hardest part about being home is the job search.

I am so frustrated. I remember when I first graduated from college and I didn’t have a job. There was nothing worse than waking up everyday and starting the job search all over again. Even when I first got to Ireland and I was looking for a job it was frustrating. I’m so stubborn and want something that I’ll enjoy and not dread everyday. Is that too much to ask? As I am starting this search in American again, I can’t help but be afraid that the same thing will happen again as it did last time. I’ll find a job and happily work for a little while. Then I’ll get complacent and up and quit. Maybe next time I won’t move to another country. Or will I?

The process of cleaning and sorting through my stuff is very much still going on. When I get angry or frustrated, I clean or rearrange furniture. That’s my thing. Don’t know why.

Probably the most heartbreaking thing about what I’m doing right now is actually what I’m not doing.


I miss it. I drove over eight hours to Louisiana by myself purely because I needed that high of getting in the car and going somewhere new. The thrill of smelling new smells or listening to new sounds cannot be understated. It’s in the very core of me. I need to be moving at all times. Staying in one location bores me. I begin to feel like a hamster in the wheel that never stops but doesn’t get anywhere. I have to get somewhere. I HAVE TO GO SOMEWHERE!!

With that in mind, in my job search, I am literally applying for jobs ALL over America. I mean, all over. My home is in Georgia, but I’ve applied for jobs in Arizona, Massachusetts, Washington, Colorado. Everywhere but here. I need a change. I need that thrill of moving to a new place and not knowing anyone.

Once you’ve done it, nothing seems to measure up, so you only want to do it again.

My parents and family won’t like reading that, but it’s how I feel.

So I’ve come to this conclusion. It’s one that I’ve been saying for months, since before I left Ireland.

If I don’t get a full-time money paying job by, let’s say February or March, I’m gonna take my savings and leave off again. That may mean taking a tour guide job that’s seasonal in Alaska or teaching English in Vietnam. Maybe I’ll take another Working Holiday in Australia or volunteer in Nepal.

No idea. But I can promise this, I won’t be in Carrollton, GA for long. I love this place, and it is my home and will forever be the best place on the planet. But it’s not for me.

So what exactly am I doing these days? A whole lotta nothin’.

Living for today, planning for tomorrow, hoping for something, and dreaming of that next adventure.

<3 MC

16 thoughts on “What I’m Doing These Days

  1. “Once you’ve done it, nothing seems to measure up, so you only want to do it again.”
    Yes yes yes. After studying abroad, I was done for. A lifelong affliction, perhaps.
    Good luck with your search! I know the right thing will come up for you eventually 🙂

  2. You briefly mentioned teaching English in Vietnam, but have you considered making that your FIRST option? And if that doesn’t work, then look for a job here? You could spend the time you use binge watching netflix and put it towards your TEFL certificate!

    Hope everything works out!


  3. I hope things work out for you (: I know the feeling of always wanting to move and find the next adventure… even being here in Spain, I’m already brewing ideas for a future move somewhere else in the world!

    Goodluck on your job search!!

      1. I stumbled upon your blog when I was looking upon information about Americans living in Ireland; so I’ve been with you for about 3 months now. I am not a spring chicken by any means. I’m married and have 3 children (2 teens and 1 preteen). Travel is life to me! My dad was in the military and my husband as well. It’s not for everyone, but it is an option. It paid for our family to live all over the world — and quite nicely at that. We soon will be retiring from the military and we’re going to go balls-to-the-wall and sell all our “things” and move to either Ireland or Germany next Spring..on our own..with our cats and kids in tow. If anything, it will be an adventure. I know what you mean about loving your family and home city….it’s a bitter pill to swallow for the ones you love ( and you do give up a lifetime of quality relationships), but the tradeoff is a life that is wide open to experiences and possibilities; new ways of thinking and doing things – a life that lends itself to change and reinvention. We have one life — so it should be lived with joy and bravery! 🙂

      2. How exciting!!! I vote to move to Ireland!! But I’m biased haha. Moving abroad is a big leap of faith, but it is so rewarding. Can’t wait to see where exactly y’all end up! 🙂

  4. Good luck with whatever your future holds! What is meant to be is meant to be…. and all the options you have laid out sounds incredible.

    David went straight back to his previous job two days after we landed. Le on the other hand is in a similar situation as you. But she is holding off to actively looking until the new year. In the meantime, we are wanderlusting knowing that we only have the one income to cover mortgage and living expenses and also save for another trip. Because we too just want to go somewhere 🙂

    Maybe we will see you in Australia if you end up coming here for the working holiday!

    Thanks for sharing your candid feelings with us all.

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