The Taste of Jerusalem

Imagine salty chickpeas bursting in your mouth causing a rush of excitement. Just when your taste buds gain control of the chickpea’s flavor, peppers add a kick. Their hot twang takes you by surprise. But wait! What could that be now? A touch of garlic, a hint of humus, and a dash of onion swirl in your mouth. A chaotic flavor tornado has been unleashed, but you are doing nothing to stop it. It is wonderful. It is everything you could have wanted your first Shawarma to be.

Jerusalem sits on a crossroads in the world. Within a stone’s throw of Israel’s borders are Asia, Africa, and Europe, and each of these continents, with their countless nationalities and cultures, help create a flavor heaven for the foodies of the world in Jerusalem.

Within the Old City Walls of Jerusalem are the Arab, Jewish, and Christian Quarters. These quarters have their own customs and their own flavors. Walking through the Damascus Gate you will immediately notice the fresh fruits and vegetables for sale. Around corners you will find takeaway stands selling tasty falafel. The carnivore will even hamburgers and french-fries.

Arabs do not eat pork, so sausage will be off the menu. In the Jewish faith, one must not combine dairy with meat, so you will never find a cheeseburger. The Christians have an Austrian Hospice in the Old City where you can find the best apple strudel outside of Austria.

Oh, the taste of Jerusalem.

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