Things I Miss About Ireland

It’s been three whole weeks since I’ve been back in the States. I’ve given myself some time to really sink back into American culture and think about the things I miss in Ireland. So far, this is this list.

Cadbury Carmel (best. chocolate. ever.)

Late night Papa Johns

Walking to work (We drive EVERYWHERE in America. Walking is just so much healthier. Why don’t we do it more often?!)

Meat that isn’t shot up with chemicals (Don’t get me started)

Boojum (Oh burritos……)

The weather (I actually miss the cool misty rain.)

The fashion

Orange bag Doritos

Penny’s (Shopping will never be the same)

Living one street over from Chinatown (I mean, come on. Who wouldn’t miss that?)

Drinking tea (Like warm tea. Not the cold super sweet stuff we have here.)

Looks like I’ll be doing a lot of importing for the things that I can and pining for the things I can’t. Oh Ireland.


8 thoughts on “Things I Miss About Ireland

  1. I never go anywhere without my tea, that’s what three years in England turned me into. You’ll be spending lots of money on shipping or get friends to send them to you 😉

  2. sounds like we need to make a trip to chatt town to the english rose to get our fix of tea and your chocolate! xo

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