Cost of the Irish Road Trip

Ryan’s Adventures and I went on a six day road trip of Ireland last month and had a blast! It was easily the best decision either one of us made in our time in Ireland and was a perfect way for the two of us to say goodbye to the Emerald Isle.

No road trip comes without a cost. Some road trips are extremely expensive while others are very cheap.

Here’s how much the trip cost for me.

Costs of the Irish Road Trip

My half of the price of rental car: 118.50

Night one BnB: 30

Surf Lesson: FREE **There’s a story here

Night two Hostel + Breakfast: 20

Donegal Castle: 2

Ice cream and diet coke: 2.70

Peanut butter: 2.50

Night three hostel: 22

Food day 4: 7

Pint at northern most pub: 4.60

Night four hostel: 20

Ice cream on night 4: 2

Night 5 hostel: 18

Food on day 5: 28

Gas: 50

Grand Total: €327.30

That’s an average of €54.55 a day covering food, night’s stay, and activities. Not too shabby!

Ryan and I made the decision to rent a car through for the days we were gone. He did all of the bookings for the car choosing the cheapest one that would safely get us across the country and back. Yes, we did purchase insurance at 16 quid a day. Better safe than sorry!

The gem that drove us around Ireland
The gem that drove us around Ireland

Each night he and I either stayed in a hostel or a BnB. Most of these places supplied breakfast, which when traveling on a budget is a much welcomed treat!

I did not buy food on the trip aside from ice cream until the fourth day. Ryan and I made sure to pack enough food to live on as long as possible without eating out. We had pasta every night except for the final night in the hostels. We did allow ourselves to have a pint from the northern most pub in Ireland. I mean, come on. Of course that had to happen!!

Most northern pub in Ireland!! Photo credit goes to Ryan :)
Most northern pub in Ireland!! Photo credit goes to Ryan 🙂

The activities were a mixture of cost and free. Surfing was supposed to be 25eur, but something came up and Ryan and I surfed for free. The Donegal Castle was the best 2eur he and I spent the entire trip. It was quaint, informative, and beautiful. Hiking at Sliabh Liag was free, but like the Cliffs of Moher, I expect they will start to charge eventually.

Donegal Castle
Donegal Castle

For six days and five nights, I say that Ryan and I came out pretty good having only spent just over €300 on the entire trip. The Irish road trip was a blast – one I will never forget.

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