On the Words of Forrest Gump: Going Home

“I’m pretty tired. I think I’ll go home now. And just like that, my runnin’ days was over, so I went home to Alabama.” – Forrest Gump

So I am currently sitting in Dublin Airport waiting for the time to come when they tell me to board the plane. I lost it initially when I hugged my Irish roommate Aoibhin goodbye and left the house. Then I cried in the taxi as we left my beloved North Great George’s St.

North Great George's Street <3
North Great George’s Street <3

Matilda came with me to the airport  and helped me get checked in and hand over my bags. Then we said our see ya laters, not goodbye because it isn’t goodbye. I lost it again.

Crying, I made my way to the security check point, got through and decided to do the most Irish thing possible. I had a pint. At 9.04am. And I chugged it in like 15 minutes. Which if you have ever drank with Irish people then you know it isn’t about how fast you drink it but about enjoying the pint. I chugged the pint.

ireland - food

So here I am sitting at gate 406 having chugged a pint at 9.00am on an empty stomach (hint hint) crying my eyes out because I’m about to leave Ireland. 

Oh Ireland.

So the Forrest Gump quote.

I am pretty tired. This has been an EXHAUSTING year. Really! I’m sitting here thinking of all of the incredible things I did, and I’m blown away that it was me. ME! Little old Morgan.

When I first took off to Ireland one year ago today, I knew that I was getting myself into a world of trouble. I knew that adventure would be had and weird nights would come and go. But what I didn’t realize was just how exhausting this whole thing was going to be.

It’s not just exhausting physically to just go and go, but it’s exhausting on my wallet. Y’all, I’m broke as (insert choice cuss word here). I have travelled and seen the world, but it’s not free. It does come at a cost.

This year has also been exhausting emotionally. There have definitely been times when I’ve been homesick. Several of the people who have emailed me (PS I’m so sorry I’ve been slack on emailing back. Things got really busy these last two weeks. I PROMISE I will get back to you soon!!!) have asked about homesickness and how I dealt with it. Well, the honest to Zeus truth is that I usually bought myself a lot of chocolate and watched Sweet Home Alabama over and over until I felt better. Every single expat and traveler deals with homesickness, not just once but several times throughout their duration of being away. Then I would get over the homesickness and go through periods where I never wanted to leave Ireland. We’ve all seen my emotional roller coaster of blog posts. Let’s be real here. It happens to EVERYONE.

With all of that, I am exhausted. I’m really to kick up and relax for a bit.

So my runnin’ days are over, and I’m headed home to Georgia.

I’ve had a year away from the troubles of home that I know have to go back and face. Ex boy friend and I are talking again and working things out. I know I do have to get a job, and I need to figure out my next move. No more running away from my problems but facing them dead on.

I will never stop traveling though, and I may just live abroad again one day! You never know what lies ahead of you.

Ireland has been the time of my life, but now I’m on to the next adventure.

<3 MC

Ireland - me

8 thoughts on “On the Words of Forrest Gump: Going Home

  1. From one Georgian to another, welcome home, but I’m sorry you have to leave Ireland. I cried like a baby when I left Germany this summer–and I was only there for five weeks (I hate goodbyes)–so I think you’re more than entitled to however many cries you need. It’s strange how a place can seep into our soul and change us forever. Have a safe flight. I look forward to following along with your next adventure.

  2. Amen on homesickness! I deal with it at least once a month! Cheers on being back in the states and of course I noticed that beautiful AU sweatshirt in your header… War Eagle! (my husband is an alum!)

  3. Travelling long-term can be tiring and by the end of my RTW trip I was ready to go home. But I think the brilliant thing about it is that it also opens your eyes to so many possibilities. Here’s to the next exciting stage of your life!

  4. Great, heartfelt words Morgan, after reading this post I think everyone who’s lived abroad will remember their moment when they returned home! Don’t rush and allow yourself time to mourn. When I spent only three months in England and had to return back to Germany I remember crying and sobbing for 3-4 weeks. It happened at random times, like when I heard a song that reminded me of the great parties I had with friends, or even just being in the supermarket seeing an English brand of food. I think it’s great that you have plans and are not running away from things. But never give up your dream of living abroad again, it will only come true if you keep pushing it 🙂 Good luck!! xx

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