Yet Another Bee Story

So, remember the last time a bee attacked me? Well, he has come back for his revenge.

Matilda and I were walking back to the flat after a nice lunch and some afternoon shopping. We were laughing and cutting up like nothing was wrong. Then, just as we turn onto our street she goes, “Don’t move,” all the while staring worriedly into my hair.

My immediate though was, “Is it a spider?!” I have a fear of spiders and have some horrible spider stories I could share with y’all. But this was no spider. It was a bee.

“Just keep still!” she tried to console me as she reached for her phone in her pocket.

“Get it out! Get it out of my hair!” I screamed at her while she began snapping pictures of me.

ireland - me - be
initial reaction to a bee crawling around in my hair

The audacity.

I love Matilda deeply, but she was just gonna sit there and laugh at me while I was being viciously attacked AGAIN by a bee! She giggled at me and reminded me of how this was the second time I had been attacked by a bee this year.

Yes Tilda, I was there. I remember cry/laughing at Buckingham Palace.

Because my hair is so long, I couldn’t see where the damn bee was. She was staring dead at it but wasn’t doing much to help. I may have yelled a few choice words at her… But THERE WAS A BEE IN MY HAIR!!!

After what seemed like an hour, she finally chose to KICK the bee out of my hair. Yes, kick.

“It’s out. I kicked it,” were Matilda’s exact words to justify how she chose to save me.

Once the bee was on the ground, the only logical thing I could do was to stomp it dead while gracefully saying, “Die bitch!”

She filmed the entire thing, but because my blog doesn’t let me embed videos right onto it, you’ll have to click HERE to my Instagram to check out 15 seconds of the video.

Still freaking out
Still freaking out

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