On the Words of Forrest Gump: $#!@ Happens

“…Whoa! Man! Just ran through a big pile of dog shit!!”

“It happens.”

“What? Shit?”


There ya have it. Shit happens.

Shit happens to everyone at any point in the date and to various levels of shitty.

(Ok Ma, I’ll stop saying it now.)

But really though! We all go through crappy situations, and sometimes, those situations cause us to run. In my life, I’ve been through some pretty rough things. I’ve had my heart broken, been treated poorly, almost failed classes in college, etc. All of those things caused me to run in different directions.

When my heart was broken, I ran to my friends and family for help. I didn’t know what to do. When I was treated poorly in a relationship, I ran as far away from him as possible (Ireland, to be exact). And in college when I was failing my classes, I ran to the professor for help in how to survive the class. We all run away from bad situations.

But what do we do when we cannot run any longer? I’m at that point now.

The thing is, shit happens. It just does. And when it happens, we can only run from it for so long before it catches up to us and we have to face it. My Working Holiday in Ireland is up in 11 days. I cannot run from my problems at home any longer. In fact, I’m being flown back to them.

So what now? What do we do when we are being faced with either the same old crappy situation or a brand new one?

We keep on going.

It’s going to be difficult moving back into the house with my parents. I haven’t lived there permanently since the summer of 2009 right before college. Things have changed since then. Shit’s gone down. I’ll have to pick back up the monthly payment on my car (Thank you Mama and Daddy for covering that in my absence), and continue to pay monthly on my student loans. But what money will I be using to pay these things off? I won’t have a job!

So I’m moving home to live with my parents. I’ll be broke, and I won’t have a job.

Most eligible bachelorette right here y’all!!!

I left one shitty situation only to come back to another shitty situation a year later. All I can do is straighten my shoulders and charge forward.

Shit happens. Sometimes we run from it, but eventually we will all have to face it. When that day comes, know that you aren’t alone and can still run to your friends and family for help.

Dark hair!
I run from problems by changing my hair. Sometimes we just need that boost. 😉

5 thoughts on “On the Words of Forrest Gump: $#!@ Happens

  1. Is there not a way to prolong your visa? I know with the NZ holiday-working visa there are some ways to prolong it, so I’ve been told. Have you considered au pairing or teaching English somewhere else in Europe? Could be the way to go…

    1. I’ve looked into other options, and there are ways to get back out of the states and live somewhere else. I have a kind of plan for what I want to do if I’m unable to get a “big girl” job at home. Stay tuned to find out how that goes!! 😉

  2. I really feel for you, it must be so hard to face going back and living with your parents. And the worst thing: I have no advice to give, because when I moved back to my home country after 5 fabulous years abroad I hated every minute and ran away again. I guess the only thing you can do is research ways to work abroad again, like Cynthia said, teaching English is usually a widely available option (I guess not in Ireland but most countries in Asia for example). Try and have a plan already when you’re back to keep you busy. Learn a new skill/subject. Once you have found a job and have saved money consider perhaps moving to a different city in the US? I think it’s just the thought of moving back in with your parents that seems like you’re going backwards! Best of luck!! 🙂

      1. Thank you!! Yeah, Moving home is looking pretty daunting at this point, but it is what it is. All I can do is make the most of it and spend time with my friends and family making up for the last year’s absence. I have a kind of plan of what I will be doing if I don’t get a full time job and that plan is to take off for another year. But I won’t know for sure if it’s gonna work out for a few months. Just have to be patient until then I guess :/

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