5 Places I Long to Visit Again

People are always asking me, “Which place has been your favorite?” But I have no way to answer that!! Every place is my favorite for different reasons. Of course, I do have places that I want to go to again (and again and again)! That’s usually the list I try to give people.

Mrs Ayla’s Adventures nominated me to tell y’all about the top five places I would love to visit again. This is a competition run by Booked.net trying to figure out where the Top Destinations to Visit Again are!!

So to answer everyone’s questions from back home and to give the rest of y’all a bit of insight into my travel tastes, these are the top five places I would love to visit again.

1. Tromsø, Norway

I visited Tromsø in February and fell head over heals in love. I’m not entirely sure if it was being shown around by a local girl named Oda, going to a reindeer race, being pulled in a sledge by huskies, skiing for the first time, or the constant sunset sky, but I fell in love.

Tromsø is a place where you can go in the winter and search for the Northern Lights. It is also a place you can go to in the summer and run a marathon in the middle of the night with the midnight sun! Tromsø is full of a rich history and Sami culture.

If Norway is a place you want to visit, then Tromsø has to be on the list. I want to go back to Norway simply to revisit my little love in the Arctic Circle.

2. London, England

The first time I was in London, I was 13 and on an EF Tour. I had a blast and it was that trip that inspired me to study English history in college.

The most recent trip to London was this summer when my family came to visit. We hopped a flight from Dublin over to England and spent three days in old London Town. It was a wonderful visit spent with family and fits of giggles, but I still haven’t done London solo or with friends.

I want to go back to London and really dive in into the town. I want to spend time looking at the historical places that mean so much to me.

London is a great town to travel on a tour group or with family, but I do want to see it solo or with a small group of friends. Anyone free?! 😉

3. Scotland

Summer 2012 was the time I spent studying abroad in Stirling, Scotland. Nothing can describe the attachment one creates with a place when they study abroad there.

I love all things Scotland and am belly aching to get back there.

Have you seen the Highlands and the Isle of Skye? What about the Highland Games?! Men in kilts!!! You can’t go wrong there. Or the Royal Mile leading to Edinburgh Castle? Or have you hiked the steps to the top of the Wallace Monument to get a beautiful view of Stirling? If you haven’t, then you must!

Those are just some of the things I was able to do in my two months in Scotland, but there is so much more that needs to be done! Plus!!! If the vote goes YES tomorrow, I’ll have a whole new reason to go to Scotland won’t I?

4. Interlaken, Switzerland

This is the place I overcame my fear of heights (momentarily) and jumped off a +20ft cliff.

Interlaken is an adventure town.

If you want to go bungy jumping, you can jump out of a cable car into the Alps. If you want to go paragliding, you can go paragliding! If you want to go canyoning like I did, you can go canyoning. It’s the perfect place to overcome all types of fears.

The Swiss Alps loom in the distance with their white caps, and it is only a train ride away to the top. Along the way to the Schilthorn, you’ll pass several adorable villages. If I ever go missing, look for me in Mürren.

I personally have so many adventure goals that I want to achieve, and Interlaken is just the place for that.

5. Redwood Forest, California, USA

My family and I road tripped from Seattle, Washington to San Francisco, California in 2013, and along the way, we drove through the Redwood Forrest. If you like big green trees, there is no better place on earth to be. Literally. No better place.

The trees were so big and round and tall!!! Wandering around the forest I felt like an ant in a human’s world. There was a truly magical feeling in those trees. One tree was so hollowed out and big enough in the middle that my family and I all got inside it!

I haven’t felt so connected to nature since that trip. Sometimes, we just need to excuse ourselves from big city living and spend some time in the trees. That’s why I want to go back to the Redwood Forrest.

 Now I wanna know where YOUR top 5 places to revisit are!!

I nominate Life to My Fullest, The Great Escape, Jocie With a Side of Swede, Go Forth, Explorer, and Ryan’s Adventures!! Get to writing yall!

🙂 MC

21 thoughts on “5 Places I Long to Visit Again

  1. I love your picks and they mostly places that aren’t too far from me so I can add them to the list! I’ve only ever been to Scotland once and that was a weekend in Edinburgh earlier this year so I should really explore it more. Norway looks like so much fun! It’s actually somewhere I’ve been thinking about going quite a lot recently.

    If you’re ever in London give me a shout! 🙂

      1. I agree! I want to go to the Orkney Islands especially and see the highlands. But I seem to have an ex-bf there at the moment so avoiding 😛

  2. Great post! I love the redwoods too. I actually drove down the 101 last week (http://myfavoritedestinations.com/2014/09/15/hwy-101-the-ultimate-road-trip/.) If I had to choose only five destinations, very tricky….it would be:

    1. Iceland (I would like to ride around the whole island.)
    2. Anchorage, AK (with a road trip exploring the inland.)
    3. Winnemucca, Nevada. It’s just a really cool town, with interesting people and amazing landscape.
    4. Dallas, TX – because I haven’t seen the whole city. I would like to explore more.
    5. Trondheim, Norway. One of my favorite cities in the world. Love the food, the people, the old shops and houses. I could see myself living there.

    Looking forward to see more of your adventures!

    1. 1. I have GOT to get to Iceland. I’ve heard AMAZING things about that place.
      2. Alaska is one of the most interesting places to me. I hope to get there while I can still do adventure stuff.
      3. I’ve never been to Nevada!!
      4. I’m looking into moving there when I get back to the States….
      5. Didn’t make it to there! But seeings as how I want to go back to Norway, hopefully I would be able to check it out!!

      GREAT list you got there!! 🙂

      1. Thank you! Both Iceland and Nevada are definitely places you should visit, especially if you like adventures! 🙂

        Have a great day!

  3. It’s always fun to reminisce, isn’t it? I would love to travel to all these places, especially to see the Arctic! And, thanks for the nomination but I just posted this a few posts back so will catch up another time instead. 🙂

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