Road Tripping Ireland

So last night, my friend Ryan and I sat down with our MacBooks and planned our trip to Donegal. It started off as a simple, “Let’s take the bus over to Donegal and Sligo” turned into a flown blown road trip.

We won’t be gone long, leaving early this coming Saturday morning and returning the following Thursday evening. He and I plan to go surfing, hiking, and get a little lost in the Irish countryside.

I cannot express to you just how excited I am for this trip!

I’ve seen so many movies depicting the Irish countryside and beautiful green scenery. Living in Dublin for the last year has deprived me of that lush green-ness I know Ireland has to offer. So we are going to find it!!

In preparation for this trip, I am having to do loads of laundry and go grocery shopping.

My clothing choice for this trip will be a bit of everything. The winter is quickly coming to Ireland. When I woke up this morning, my weather app told me it was 4 degrees outside. Don’t worry you Americans!! That’s 39 in our terms. But STILL!! 39!? IN SEPTEMBER?!?!!???

Winter is coming.

Ha! I’ll be packing leggings, a jumper, a jacket, and walking shoes. We plan to go surfing as well, so I’ll have to bring a swim suit to wear underneath a wetsuit. I hope to get a little lost in the mountains somewhere so a scarf or two will be in tow. At the same time though, I have to remember that we only have a car and minimal boot space. We are only going for like six days, and that doesn’t give me liberty to pack for two weeks. Or does it? 😉

We are on a budget and will be practically starving ourselves. Ha! No just kidding. When road tripping, one of the things that I have grown (over countless American road trips with my family) to know how to do well on road trips, is stock up on food.

I will pack plenty of snacks to munch on in the car. Usually, hostels will provide a breakfast with toast or fruit. Sometimes when you’re lucky, you’ll get a full breakfast!! But I’m not banking on that as high tourist season is gone. Lunches will be peanut butter sandwiches and crisps, and dinners will be spaghetti. Last night I looked him dead in the face and said, “I’m gonna take spaghetti sauce and eat spaghetti every night.” Noodles are cheap and spaghetti sauce says for ages (or until it starts growing mold, whichever comes last 🙂 ). Pasta and sandwiches will be our best friends for the trip.

Another must on road trips are little bits and bobs to keep yourself entertained. In today’s world, we have iPhones and laptops and Kindles and all kinds of electronic gadgets to keep us occupied. I remember on countless road trips as a kid my dad yelling at my sister and I to, “Take those stupid head phones off and look around you!” With his voice in my head, I will try to tune into the Irish world around me as much as possible. I will however be taking a deck of cards, Cosmo, and a random assortment of stuff to entertain myself in the days ahead.

Ryan and I literally only have two nights planned on this trip.

We are starting off Saturday heading straight for the surfing town in County Donegal called Bundoran. A night’s stay is booked there and then Sunday we head for a town on the west coast of Ireland. After that, wherever the wind takes us, we will follow. He and I neither have hostel bookings outside of the first two nights nor do we have any particular place on our list to go.

I know I just kind of want to get lost. I’ll be googling random places on the west coast that we might be able to hit, but who knows? Maybe we’ll get to a fork in the road and take it. Isn’t that what they are there for?

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