Favorite Restaurants in Dublin

1. Bunsen

If you like greasy American style burgers, this is the place for you.ย The menu is on the back of a business card, and their menu consists of a choice in burger with or without cheese and sweet potato or regular fries. Bunsen is outside City Center down Wexford St.

The burgers are amazing! I don’t say that lightly as I am a red meat connoisseur. The burger’s grease runs down your fingers and chin as you bite into the juicy/cheesy goodness. The double cheese burger is more than enough food on it’s own and should not be taken lightly.

2. Woolshed

The Woolshed is an Australian Bar in the heart of Dublin on Parnell St. The bar is split between two floors and has TV screens all over the walls. If there is a sporting match on that you want to watch, head to the Woolshed. There is a great chance you’ll catch it on.

The reason the Woolshed is one of my favorite places to eat is because of the nachos. The plate covered in chips, salsa, guac, cheese, and sour cream placed before you just may be the most glorious thing you have ever seen or tasted.

3. Lee Kee Chinese

Two minutes from my apartment on Parnell St. is Lee Kee Chinese restaurant. It’s the best take away, and after a long day of work, I always stop off and grab a quick chicken fried rice. The restaurant is also a very nice sit in. Parnell Street is known for its countless Chinese/Korean/Thai food choices, so if Lee Kee isn’t the place for you, then maybe one of the others will be.

4. Boojum

Words cannot describe my love for Boojum. Right in the heart of Dublin, Boojum serves the city quick and delicious burritos. Walking in the door, or standing in the sometimes long queue, your nose is hit immediately with countless smells. You go down the line and tell the great staff how you like your burrito to be made. Personally, I get the burrito bowl because I’m already an incredibly sloppy eater.

WARNING!! They don’t accept cards. Cash only!

5. Deli Gold

Everyone has a favorite sandwich shop, and mine is Deli Gold. Not only do they do a great chicken tikka and a wonderful cheese covered baked potato, but they have a pulled pork sandwich. Being from the Southern States, I am very picky about my pulled pork sandwiches. The secret is in the sauce. If a BBQ sandwich is done right, there is no need to have anything more than the meat, sauce and bread. Deli Gold does it right.

You can find Deli Gold on Townsend St. just off George’s Quay.

6. JW Sweetman

This is one of my favorite bars as well as place to eat. I have many memories inside Sweetman as well as some memories I don’t remember. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Now, I may be slightly biased as my best friend here in Ireland works at this pub. JW Sweetman is smack dab in the middle of Dublin. You can’t miss it.

Aside from having great food, Sweetman is also the ONLY pub in Dublin to have its own micro-brewery. So that’s a reason in itself to check it out.

8 thoughts on “Favorite Restaurants in Dublin

  1. I absolutely second Wooldshed, we live just round the corner and I love their pulled pork buns! Boojum never disappoints ๐Ÿ™‚ One of my favourites is The Church (great chicken wings) and Czech Inn for the best schnitzel!

    1. I may or may not have had the Wooldshed twice in the last week …. Hahaha. I haven’t eaten at the Church yet but have had a few pints there. Great beer garden! and the Czech Inn sounds great!! I’ll have to look it up

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