The End of Summer

It is with great sadness that I must tell y’all that summer has ended in Ireland.

It’s over, gone, and won’t be back until next July. The weather is turning cold again causing my mind to drift to warmer places.

I would be so happy bumming on the beach now.

Laying there with my feet in the sand a good book listening to the waves crash in the background while sipping on lemonade. The bright yellow sun making my skin tan while I bask in its warm glow. Ahhhhh.

Fort Morgan, Alabama - 2013
Fort Morgan, Alabama

Oh to be laying there soaking it all up. 

I only have a handful of “beach item” here in Ireland because there is no need for them. There’s a swim suit that I never wore, sandals which I wear religiously (because it is August and I don’t care how cold my toes are, I WILL wear sandals), shorts that I’ve worn into town twice, and sunscreen that only bought because I went to Israel.

Beach items are another piece of that wonderful beach puzzle.

The sunglasses. Y’all, I stepped on my favorite pair of sunglasses last month. The stem part thing just snapped off. I liked to have DIED! They were the best pair…

Flip flops are essential. I have my trusty pair of thin strap Rainbows that have been through the war.

Beach towels are what makes or breaks your experience on the sand. You can’t have a towel that is too thick and fluffy because it takes ages to dry and sand gets caught in it. The towel is also a clear sign of personality. The towel I have at home is pink and white striped from Target. It’s been all over the Southern beaches from Florida to South Carolina to Alabama. BUT!! I have a new towel at home that I cannot wait to try! It’s made by this new company called Sand Cloud. Y’all, the towel has a built-in removable pillow. How PERFECT is that for long days by the pool or on the sand?!

Bags make or break your stay at the beach. They have to be large enough to house all of your crap and durable to sustain those inevitable sunscreen spills.

I day dreaming of warmer weather and sand between my toes….

Hopefully when I go home next month, I’ll be able to take a long weekend and go down to the beach. Matilda, my Swedish roommate, plans to visit in October, and I want to show her the Gulf of Mexico. It’s also nice to know that the upper 50 degree weather it is now here in Ireland will not set into the South until later in the year.

6 thoughts on “The End of Summer

  1. Summer has been gone for about 2-3 weeks now 🙁 I have learned to stop eagerly anticipating the “warmer season” because there’s no point. Like you said, you need very few beach items here and I have only worn my bikini twice in two years. Winter in Ireland actually cheers me up more because compared to the rest of Europe we have mild temperatures and no snow. It’s the only we “win”! :p

      1. Those couple weeks when it was warm was perfect!!! It wasn’t terribly hot at all. Ahhh…. They say that’s what the weather in Hawaii is like year round. Hmmmm 😉

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