65 Thoughts I Have on my Day Off

  1.  Ugh. Sunshine. Gross.
  2. What time is it? 8.47am? Curse you job and your early mornings.
  3. Back to sleep.
  4. What time is it now? 9.52am? Guess I’m up.
  5. To get out of bed or not? … Not.
  6. Let’s read a book. Books are good. Harry Potter and the Hoot Nanny He Gets Himself Into.
  7. What time is it now? 11.07am. God this is a slow day.
  8. Coulda swore I just read for hours. My eyes. My EEYYEESSSSS!!!!
  9. Sleep? Naaahh…
  10. I should go for a run. Yeah, let’s be healthy.
  11. Ok, up! Let’s get those running shoes on!
  12. Trainers… Trainerssss.. Where they at?!
  13. Oh! Found em! Whew that was a close one!
  14. Crap I need to eat.
  15. There aint shit in my pantry. I really need to go to the grocery store.
  16. Hmmmm… I have oil, milk, eggs, and bisquick.
  18. I mean, I’m gonna go for a run anyways right? So its ok. And carbs are good in the morning. They get you going. Energy yo.
  19. Let’s get my dance on. iTunes Top 40 Alternative.
  20. Dance, dance. Cook, cook. Eat, eat.
  21. Whew! Full belly. Can’t run on a belly like this. I’ll get sick and die. Let’s be real.
  22. What time is it? I’ll give myself 30 minutes to chill. 11.47am. Ok cool. Let’s just call it 12.30pm to be safe you know?
  23. Now what to do?….. Facebook? Instagram? Bloglovin? Mehhhhh.
  24. Little bit of it all.
  25. God I am so addicted to Bubble Spinner.
  26. I really should stop playing this dumb game. There is no point to it. No – SHIT!! I DIED AGAIN! LITTLE @(#$&#@*$)!!!
  27. Oh crap! What time is it? 1.11pm?!
  28. Holy Toledo!!! Did I really just spend all that time on Facebook and Bubble Spinner? Oops!! Ha!
  29. Ok let’s go run.
  30. Man I’m thirsty. God there is nothing in my fridge. I really need to go to the store.
  31. I’ll just run to Tesco real quick. Wont be more than 30 minutes. Just grab some food and head back and then run. Yeah.
  32. I like lasagna. Oooh! Pop Tarts! Cheerios. Aaanndddd Yep, I need that icing. Where them strawberrys at?!
  33. €56.72 please. What?! Balls.. well… ok….
  34. Is that a rain drop? No. NO. NO!!!! GOD!! NO!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!
  36. I am cold, and I am wet.
  37. Ireland, you suck.
  38. Well, I’ll wait 30 minutes for the rain to stop. I’ll head out then.
  39. Qué hora es? Ehhh 2.07pm. K cool.
  40. I love my roommates. They’re so funny.
  41. Why hasn’t the rain stopped? I mean, the sun is half out but its lashing out there. I really don’t want the flu.
  42. 2.47pm? Just a bit longer.
  43. Facebook, Twitter, Buzzfeed, Harry Potter.
  44. Project free tv! Gotta catch up on my shows you know?
  45. Bubble Spinner
  46. Bubble Spin-WHY DO I KEEP DYING?!
  47. Oh crap! What’s the time?! The rains stopped!! 4.17pm. Balls where did the day go?!
  48. If I go running now, I’ll have to fight the end of workday crowd.
  49. Hate those guys. All three piece suits and snubby looks.
  50. Nah I’ll wait till around 7.
  51. Oh look Friends is on tv!
  52. Hey mate! How was work today? Yeah, nah I had the day off. Ran some errands you know.
  53. Ran. Run. RUN! Crap!!! I never ran!!
  54. What time is it now!? 7.32pm.
  55. Those Friends marathons really get me. I mean, I just connect so well Chandler.
  56. I too am awkward and desperate for love. Aren’t we all?
  57. But I’m hungry now. OOOhHh!! I went to Tesco! FOOOODD!!
  58. Nope. Nope. There aint nothing I want in my house.
  59. Hey PapaJohns? Yeah, I’d like to order a pizza. Delivery please. Like I’m really gonna walk the five minutes to your restaurant. Let’s be real.
  60. Dear lord. Pepparonis make everything better.
  61. 9.47pm. Gah it’s been a long day! I’m beat! Let’s call it an early night so I can get a jump on the day tomorrow. Work and all.
  62. Hahaha those viners are killer. How do they think up all tho-11.37pm?!
  63. Crap!! I have work in the morning!!
  64. And I never went for that run!
  65. I’ll go tomorrow.

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