Long Time Coming

It’s been a long time coming to this point. Lots of thoughts, frustrations, tears, and a few cuss words later, but I’m finally at a point of acceptance. With that, I found myself with a new resolve to push forward into the great unknown and pray that the outcome will be better than what I have now for nothing great ever came without struggle.

I found myself looking over old blog posts and found one from April that I in no way feel any different about. If anything, I feel like this post is more right NOW than it was months ago.

Take a click over to the POSTΒ and see how I’m feeling tonight.

This isn’t a cry for help or a night where I feel like I’m falling apart, but a night where I accept the (quite frankly and sorry mama) shit hole of a situation I’m in.

I’m a mess, and that’s ok.




  1. Hi Morgan! I’m so sad right along with you reading this. I know how hard it can be to have to give up something you love. All I can say is that if you give it time, and it’s what you really want, there will be another opportunity somewhere along the line to come back. And as for traveling and blogging, you can travel wherever you are! All the best! I look forward to seeing what’s next!


  2. Well, I’ll repeat my words if it comforts you all the same. It’s ok not to know…I worked for some number of years before things clicked and I started to have an idea of what I wanted to do. It’s my own personal belief that life is a journey…people cannot expect you to know what to do every single time. Even if you do not know what to do, just go with the flow and figure it out along the way. What matters is that you are at least doing something…rather than just sitting and waiting…cos when you are doing, you discover things about yourself and eventually, you will get it…I’m not even there yet but I’m hoping to…some day….

    phew! I feel like I wrote you an essay – sorry about that! *hugs* hope you are feeling better…we all have days like these…have some chocolates instead…;)


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