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So I found this great article by USA Today on the 10 Best Bucket List for Sporting Events. I was just talking with a friend the other day about the different sporting events I want to go to in my life. Some of the events on that list I’m not crazy about doing while others mean a lot to me for personal reasons. Then, there are some that I have already done that aren’t even on the list!

World Cup. Obviously this is one of the most amazing sporting events. It’s so moving to watch the entire world come together to watch their countries compete in matches. The rivalries run deep and the tension runs high.

Iron Bowl. THIS IS REALLY ON THE LSIT!!!!! 😀 Ok, for those of you that do not know what the Iron Bowl is, it is the AMERICAN football game that happened every Thanksgiving weekend in Alabama, USA. It is the game between my alma mater Auburn University (WAR EAGLE!!) and the University of Alabama. This rivalry goes back to the 1800s and divides families. If you don’t watch American Football, do a little google research on the Iron Bowl and you may just fall in love. To save the trouble of writing on this one topic forever, I’m gonna stop now. But include the single best play ever in the football history.

Highland Games. These are traditional heavyweight games played in Scotland and all over the world. I was lucky enough to go while in Scotland in 2012. I got to see big men throw logs and wear kilts. Perfection? I think yes!

Big men in Kilts ;)
Big men in Kilts 😉

The Masters. Golf = barf. I cannot stand golf. BUT! The Masters takes place in my home state every year. Augusta, Georgia comes to life as thousands descend up it to watch one of the world’s greatest sporting events. I was so shocked at how many people followed the Masters here in Ireland. Everyone was asking me how close it was to my home and if I ever went. Well it’s over three hours away and no I don’t have oodles of money to go watch a white ball fly through the air. Maybe one day!

Super Bowl. I’ve watched almost every Super Bowl on t.v. because the commercials are amazing. Unless the Atlanta Falcons were in the running though, I don’t know that I would have as great a pull to go to the game. The commercials really are the best part aren’t they?

World Series. I love baseball. The Atlanta Braves is my team, and like all MLB fans, we hope our teams goes all the cry. The Braves won the World Series last in 1995. Looking for that magical season to happen again one day!

Olympics. I have been to the Olympics! Summer 2012 the Olympics were in London, and the women’s soccer matches were played in Glasgow, Scotland. I just so happened to be studying abroad in Stirling just an hour away via train. My friends and I bought tickets and cheered on the USA to a victory over France. The Olympics are a big deal. Every two years either for winter or summer sports, the world’s greatest athletes come together to compete for their countries. Does national pride get any better?

Womens USA vs France Olympic Game - Glasgow, Scotland
Women’s USA vs France Olympic Game – Glasgow, Scotland

Other events I would love to see one day

Wimbledon : Just because it is really cool. Tennis is like real life Pong.

Hurling : The world’s fastest sport played here in Ireland!

Krystal Eating Contest : Purely because I think I could win.

Monaco Gran Prix : Fast cars and fantastic food? Yes please.

Boston Marathon : One day when I become a true runner, I will run this race.

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  1. Following part of le tour de France is on my list! 🙂 Well only because my bf loves watching cycling and I want to go for all the wine stops 😉

    Btw I nominated you for the Liebster award 😀 please check my blog post for it!

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