Americans in Other Countries

It’s high tourist season in Europe. Everywhere you look, people are coming out of the woodwork to get a glance at this painting or climb that mountain. They’re everywhere! Each country has its own quirky travelers, and there is something that labels them as being from their homes.

Americans, we are no different, and  yes, we stand out in a crowd.


People wear t-shirts all over the world, but where I come from (and yes I am very guilty of this) we like to wear giant over sized Tees. People dress nice here every day; it’s like a constant fashion show over here. Giant t-shirts don’t cut it.

Laughing/Talking Loudly

Everyone talks about how loud Americans are, and I, an American girl, am here to let all of you know, that it is the TRUTH. We are loud as crap. I mean, loud. Y’all don’t even know. I was in line at the airport behind a bunch of American kids, and I was able to hear every detail of this one girls exploits from her trip in Italy. Y’all…. it’s bad.

Not Able to Hold Our Booze

I don’t care how hard you partied in college or how many shots you did that one time, you cannot and will never be able to drink like the people here.  They have been drinking a lot longer than you and are better at it. Plus, when Americans go out in other places, it isn’t all party party like it is back home. Sometimes, you go to a pub and it’s actually chill, not raging like places back home.

The term : Football

Literally everywhere else in the world, Football is Soccer, and our football is referred to as American Football. Please do not try to argue with them about the difference in Soccer and Football.


Not everywhere bumps and grinds and does nasty stuff on the dance floor. It’s actually really nice to just let loose and get a little nuts. Let your arms fly and your hair shake in your own space. Not everyone wants to be all up in your business.

Now there is nothing wrong with any of these! I’m guilty of each one and more! Lord knows I’m the loudest person in a room and wear sandals when it’s 50 degrees out and look like that of a hoochy on the dance floor (sorry mom). You can take the girl out of America, but you can’t take the American out of the girl.

7 thoughts on “Americans in Other Countries

  1. hahahahaha awesome post! You’ve made great points. Living in Europe I also realized how loud Brazilians are too…maybe its something with the american continents hahahaha. And yes, everywhere else its called football, not soccer hahaha!! So cool your idea to write this post. Have a great week 🙂

  2. Haha, also living abroad but in Southeast Asia. I will say I don’t see as many Americans, but I do see lots of obnoxious and loud people of other nationalities. I’m not going to name names, but they are other English-speaking countries full of white people…. One of these has a propensity to wear flip flops and singlets. Also, there is a particular Asian country that also has very annoying tourists lol. Anyway, I get that Americans are annoying, but we’re not the only ones 😛

  3. I have to disagree with the booze/pub thing. My husband and I went to a pub in Kinsale expecting to hear a little trad music and have our first Guinness. Instead there was a regular band playing and there was a stag AND a bachelorette (hen?) party at the same time. It was OH.MY.GOD rowdy! Don’t get me wrong, it was totally fun to watch these guys get extremely drunk and then try to two-step when the band played a Garth Brooks song. But my husband and I both agreed that if they did half the stuff in a similar pub in America they would have been tossed out and banned from the premises! Nobody parties like the Irish lol 🙂

    1. That is very true! I’ve seen some VERY interesting things out here in Dublin. Maybe I’m just fresh out of college still and have college town bars on the brain, but I still say they are worse. Well maybe not worse, but different. They’re two different beasts. I went to a Swedish party when I was home with my roommate last January. Want to talk about a rowdy crowd? Those guys still to this day take the cake!

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