Top 10 Best Views

1. Jerusalem, Israel from the Mt. of Olives

View from the Mount of Olives

I have never been so moved by a view as I was from this one. Looking out over the rolling hills and square buildings of this ancient city took my heart. To think of all of the amazing things that have happened here.  As a Christian woman, I am so thankful to have made this trip. Jerusalem will forever be one of the most special places I’ve ever visited, and this was and forever will be (probably) the best view I ever saw.

2. Norway from the Air



3. Views of the Swiss Alps from the Schilthorn, Switzerland


4. Isle of Skye, Scotland from Cuith-Raing



5. Rotterdam, Holland from the Euromast

Rotterdam, Holland


6. Brussel, Belgium Christmas Market from the Ferris Wheel


7. Monte Carlo from Old Town, Monaco 

Monte Carlo


8. French Alps from Gourdon, France



9. Greystones, Ireland from a hilltop in Bray



10. Stirling, Scotland from the Wallace Monument


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