Moved to Tears at Buckingham Palace

by a BEE!

Recently my family and I visited London for my second time and their first.  It was a fantastic trip full of walking, sight seeing, and good food.

We went to Buckingham Palace to watch the Changing of the Guards. The four of us crammed into a small space beside the barrier to get a good view.  People buzzed around us with excitement waiting for the event to take place.

When the distant sound of drums and music marched closer to us, my mother and I held up our iPhones to film the event. Everything was going great! The small group of people who had been in front of us left, leaving a nice hole for Mama and I to slip into. Daddy and Payton were behind us enjoying the view.

All of the sudden, my attention was drawn away from the presentation and focused on the small thing hovering next to my hand. A bee was buzzing loudly beside my right hand threatening to land. I remained calm. I knew that if I swatted the bee away, it would have gotten mad and stung me, so I tried to ignore it.

But then it landed on me.

The bee touched down on the bone in my wrist and began to wander around kind of like astronauts on the moon. It was using its feelers to sniff me out to see if I had enough pollen. It wanted to kill me.


In this moment, I knew that if I moved my hand too drastically, the bee would sting me. And judging by the size of the butt on the bee, it would NOT have been pleasant. If the  bee chose not to sting me, it could have flown off and stung someone else.

My only option was to keep perfectly still and suffer.

The bee tickled the palm of my hand as it moved back and forth from my wrist. It buzzed only inches from my face.

All the while, I am still filming the Changing of the Guards in front of me. I begin whimpering because I’m afraid of getting stung. People start to turn and look wonder why the butt this girl is halfway crying at Buckingham Palace. Behind me, I can hear my sister chuckle and warn me to keep still.

It was a lifetime.

Never before has such a short parade lasted as long as that one did. When the last guard marched by, I very slowly lowered my hand and gave the phone to my sister. Still half crying, I looked to my family for help.

My face wore an expression of panic. What to do!?

Daddy raised his hand in preparation to swat the bee away. NO! I shouted because he was either going to make the bee sting me or smack the crap out of my wrist. I began to laugh along with my crying. People were staring at me and chuckling at the situation I had found myself in.



Ok, so Mama told me to try to blow it off. Well, of course in my state oh hysteria, blowing wasn’t going to work very good.  You know how little kids can’t blow out candles on birthday cakes? Like, they can form their mouth right nor can they get a good breath to blow? Well, that was me.

A kind of wooo woooooo sound was coming from my mouth along with spurts of wailing and laughing.

Everyone was watching by now. Everyone was staring at this hysterical American girl who was crying at Buckingham Palace with a bee trying out her hand for pollen.

I don’t even remember how the bee got off my hand. Maybe it realized that I wasn’t as sweet as I seemed to be, but when it flew away, everyone erupted into fits of laughter.  Tears were pouring down my face from fear, laughter, and embarrassment.

The four of us quickly walked away laughing our heads off.

I will never forget the time I was moved to tears at Buckingham Palace by a bee.

The picture my sister was able to catch of me with the bee.
The picture my sister was able to catch of me with the bee.


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