Golden Rule of Travel: Be Flexible – Part Deux

I wrote a post on what I consider to be the Golden Rule of Travel back in January. In that post, I discussed the importance of being flexible while on the road. Things go wrong all the time and most of the time, they are out of our control. We cannot help it if a tire blows, or if the rental car place takes two hours, or if someone gets sick. All we can do is remember to be flexible. Things happen. Just move on.

Today is a PERFECT example of that.

As everyone knows if you’ve been following along, I’ve been quite busy traveling over the last month. I spent a week in Israel, a week at home, a weekend in France and Monaco, and a weekend in England. My sister joined me for France and my parents joined us for England.

They have all been in Ireland with me since the 12th of June. I’ve had a great time with my family, but since they have been here, I’ve out my writing on the back burner to spend some time with them. They were supposed to leave for home today.

Did you catch that?

They were SUPPOSED to leave for home today.

But they didn’t.

We were all at the airport this morning ready to get them sent off when the airline they booked their standby seats through told us they wouldn’t be getting on the flight. Standby is a GREAT way to fly when you can get on the plane. However, as it is standby, it doesn’t always workout that you can get on the flight you need.

My parents and sister can’t fly home until Monday at the earliest out of Shannon.

This has thrown a major wrench in things as my dad has to skip more work; mama is having to rearrange an appointment, and Payton is just kind of like whatever. For me though, I was very keen on having a couple of days in my pjs watching Netflix and eating pizza. However, I am a traveler and I believe in the Golden Rule of Travel.

Be flexible.

The four of us are currently on a bus going from Dublin to Limerick. I’ll spend the night with them tonight and do some castle tours and whatnot in Limerick tomorrow before heading back to Dublin. I have work Monday morning otherwise I would stay both nights.

It’s not initially how we intended on ending their trip in Ireland, but sometimes things just happen. All we can do is remember that Golden Rule of Travel.

5 thoughts on “Golden Rule of Travel: Be Flexible – Part Deux

  1. My first time in London, I stayed an extra few nights for a few reasons: having too much fun, did see everything that was on my list of things to see, and waited until the mid week for a cheaper way to Dublin, and also the Tube strike messed everything up. The best plans are no plans!

  2. After being through a bomb threat which made the whole aerial space to close down, a pilot strike and god knows what, I’ve learned that while it’s good to have plans, it’s better to keep your options open. And also to have spare clothes in your hand luggage just in case you end up stranded somewhere.

    1. You should write a book. Like a real one haha a BOMB THREAT!? That would have been an experience. I always have spare clothes in my carry on because sometimes the wildest things happen! Which obviously you know that haha

      1. Still not over that one, haven’t even gotten around to writing about it haha. But yes they do happen and end up making great stories. The writer in me loves it XD

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