First Time Traveler vs Experienced Traveler

First Time Traveler : Ahhh!!! I am SO pumped! Paris!! London!! AMSTERDAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Experienced Traveler : Paris, London, Amsterdam! Wooo…. I mean, Yay!!!


FTT : My Passport is gonna be loaded with stamps! Come at me customs!


ET : I am coming here to visit. Please just stamp my book thing so I can go spend my pennies on delicious street food. I promise I will leave in three days!


FTT : Oh hey really cute local that doesn’t speak a word of English.


ET : Oh hey really creepy local that doesn’t speak a word of English.


FTT : A hostel is the most magical place on the planet. I have met people from ALL OVER the globe!


ET : Meh. It’s a just another place to crash.


FTT : Dear God, when does the walking EEENNndDDD?!


ET : Sometimes, I just want my car. But then I remember how much exercise walking around does for me.


FTT : Is this normal? Are all Ryanair flights like this? Holy $#!@! What was that landing?!


ET : Sings along with the trumpet blast out of pure spite and irony. Yet another solid Ryanair flight. And I mean come on, we all are just as glad that we landed as every other flight.


FTT : What is this? Am I supposed to eat that? Is that food?


ET : Let me see how much I can shove in there?!


FTT : Gah this is amazing! The world is so big and incredible! I want to travel for the rest of my life!


ET : Gah this is amazing. The world is so big and incredible, and despite all of the crap I go through, I want to do this for the rest of my life.



16 Replies to “First Time Traveler vs Experienced Traveler”

  1. I am back in the states for five weeks and I am pretty sure LAX didn’t stamp my passport! alksdjhfalskjdfh
    Regardless, this post made me laugh… a lot.


      1. Hahaha true! I can’t decide what is worse: when you get grilled in America, your HOME or when you are getting grilled in a language you don’t really know and your attempts to speak it make it worse…. oh gosh, traveling….


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