Getting to London

In the last few hours since leaving Dublin, my mama was searched twice, we lost my dad, and saw people “even Hell would refuse.”

Goodness y’all. It’s been an adventure.

Mama was searched twice while trying to get through the Dublin security. She was so mad at the girl for patting her down and feeling her up only to finally be convinced that she in fact did have a metal hip.

Then there was Ryanair. Everyone who has flown Ryanair knows to expect horrid shades of blue and yellow along with an over barring staff and ridiculously small cabin space. Not to mention their glorious reputation for landings. My sister had spilled the beans to Mama about the bumpy near death (she over exaggerated it) experience she had flying to Nice and freaked Mama out. White knuckles and a slightly bumpy, not unusual Ryanair landing later, Mama left the plane to begin the journey into London proper.

I have no problem getting on trains and walking the same pace as the crowd, but my family can’t do either. After a speedy lunch in Victoria Station, I guided us to the Underground, got our tickets, and headed for the platforms. Going down the escalators, I was told by both Mother and Payton that Daddy was right behind them. Thinking that everyone was with me, I turned the corner to head towards the train. When I got to the platform, Mama came up to me all kinds of frantic freaking out because we had lost Daddy.

Now if any of you have ever ridden the tube in London or the subway in NYC or any other major underground network systems knows just how quickly you can get left behind or lost. Daddy got both. We quickly ran back to the bottom of the escalator and caught up with him. With all four of us safely back together again, we grabbed the next train and headed for the hotel in Camden.

A train change and five stops later, we got off at the Camden Town stop and entered a world of chaos. People were everywhere. Mohawks, tattoos, red lipstick, butt cheeks, big people and small people waded their way passed us. I turned to my family behind and gave them a quick look at the directions on my phone. We got ourselves the two blocks to the hotel without losing anyone. Upon our arrival, my mama looked me square in the eye and said, “I saw people even Hell would refuse!” I responded with a smile and said, “Welcome to London.”

Coming from a small town in Georgia, any trip to a big city is an interesting one. We’ve been to NYC, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and other major US cities with wide eyes at people and the fashion trends around the country. Just add London to the list.

It’s going to be an interesting couple of days with them here. We’ll be in London through Monday then back to Dublin. They’ll be heading back to the States a week from today, so maybe over the course of the week, they will fall in love with Europe like I have. 🙂


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  1. Hehe, maybe Camden isn’t the best place to stay – it’s pretty eclectic! 😉 Be sure to visit Trafalgar Square and then walk from there, down The Mall through St James’ Park towards Buckingham palace – it’s a wonderful walk (a little long, but worth it) and the squirrels in the park are really quite tame 🙂 It’s a great way to get away from the crowds for a little while, and (if I remember rightly) it’s not too far from where one of the tour busses stop. Although, today would have been the best day to visit – it’s the queens official birthday today, which meant it would have been the Trooping of the Colour, which is an amazing spectacle 🙂

    1. The flight back to Ireland was really interesting. It was operated by AirExplore. Might have gone a little smoother, but the plane probably carted around the dinosaurs. The thing was SO old

  2. We were in London on over the weekend, too. We said the exact same thing about everything. On the tube in from Heathrow there were some of the most interesting characters! Our summary, “Nice place to visit, couldn’t live there”. We missed the Trooping of the Colour, too, but deliberately. Went on Friday and saw everything being set up. It rained so it wouldn’t have been too pleasant on Saturday morning.

  3. Hi Morgan – I was recently looking at booking a flight from Edinburgh to Dublin, but I am beginning to have thoughts about Ryanair after reading your post!!! I like that it is so cheap but I would preferably like to live! My husband is a pilot, but not commercial, so I am used to small plane and occasionally bumpy landings, but it takes the excitement out of things and turns to downright frightening when you don’t know the pilot! Haha. Suggestions on alternate airlines? We are trying to plan a 2 week trip between Edinburgh, Dublin, and London.

    1. Ah that sounds like a lovely trip!! Ryanair really is NOT that bad! It’s a good service. It’s not Delta, but it’s good cheap airfare. I wouldn’t recommend it for you otherwise 🙂

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