Things You Hear on Your Parent’s First Day in Ireland

My parents and I

1. “Why am I blinking? I used to never blink.” – Jet lagged Dad on why he can’t keep his eyes open.

2. “That’s just the fashion Dad.” – Payton explaining skinny jeans.

3. ” The hair dryer looked like a vacuum tube!” – Mama on the hotel hair dryer.

4. “I just want to put my head down and sleep.” – Dad while in Eddie Rockets.

5. “NO!!!!! Remember all those trips we’ve taken and you didn’t let us sleep!?” – Payton in response to Dad wanting to sleep in Eddie Rockets.

Typical Sister Shot

6. “We can’t just go sit in a pub. We have to buy a drink.” – Me on pub etiquette.

7. “This is really good!” – Mama’s first taste of Kopparberg cider.

8. “Go buy me one!” – Mama ordering me to go to the bar to get her a bottle of Kopparberg.

9. “I’m glad you guys came out tonight!” – The Delta stewardess that took care of my parents on the flight over that we ran into in a pub in Dublin.

10. “The London Zoo has a Spider Friendly program for people like you Morgan.” – Payton looking up activities in the London Zoo.

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Fam Jam Mirror Selfie Elevator Style

11. “RReeeaAAErrWRRRWWWRRRRszaRRR.” – A severely jet lagged Dad making random noises.

12. “I failed on that one.” – Payton trying to get to the hotel to meet my parents.

13. “Welcome to Ireland!” – Mama telling me welcome when she is the one who just showed up.

14. “We’re gonna read Daddy’s quotes at his funeral.” – Payton on the crazy stuff our dad says.

15. “This is an Irish cider. Everyone has to taste it.” – Me on Bulmer’s Cider.


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10 thoughts on “Things You Hear on Your Parent’s First Day in Ireland

  1. Haha parents!

    Will you be going to London Zoo? I highly recommend it 😉 I used to work there so yes we do have a spider programme which is as creepy as it sounds.

      1. And if you’re into baby animals, you can have a peep at our tiger cubs and baby sloths! The exhibits get you close to the animals but no touching 😉

      2. Tut tut, haha! There is a petting area though and if you’re lucky enough, you can have pet a ferret or an armadillo (!). We used to take them out for a stroll in the morning. Or a giant land snail or hissing cockroach if you’re brave enough 😉

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