Money and Sherbet Ice Cream: Monaco

The only way to describe Monaco is Money and Sherbet Ice Cream.

Monaco, a sherbet ice cream color town, is the 2.02 kmplayground for the world’s rich and famous. The walls of the buildings radiate pastel pinks, yellows, and greens while Lamborghinis and Rolls-Royces speed along the famed Monaco Grand Prix.

I fell in love with this small country.

My sister and I roamed the side streets in awe of the wonder of the place. Every corner was just as beautiful as the one before. The mountains surround this small world, giving away to the crystal blue Mediterranean waters below.

If you ever get the chance to wander through Monaco, I highly recommend it. You will not regret it.

Click the images to make them larger and hover over to see the captions 🙂

4 thoughts on “Money and Sherbet Ice Cream: Monaco

    1. It was beautiful! I wouldn’t recommend going for an extensive trip to Monaco as there really isn’t much else to do in the city more than just a day trip. She and I spent the weekend in Nice, France and went over for the morning. It was just enough time. 🙂

  1. You got that right ! A day trip is all you really want! As you can see the town sits down in a lower valley, so if you do t live in the castle all night you hear the carsand motorcycles winding up and down the mountain. A much better place to hang out is not far away the town of CapD’ail , with a jaw dropping cliff walk !

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