The Struggle that is the Toronto Airport

I’m blogging from the Toronto Airport waiting on our flight to Dublin. Let me tell you about this journey so far.

It’s been a bit difficult.

It started off like any other trip to the airport. Payton and I were all kinds of excited to make the trip together to Ireland. We hugged our parents goodbye and made our way through security.  Knowing that we have a total of four flights and five countries over the next few days, she and I prepared our selves for a grand adventure. Little did we know how the adventure would start.

Payton and I

The first leg of the trip took us to Toronto, Canada for a connecting flight to Dublin, Ireland via Aer Lingus. The two hour flight sped by with us napping, listening to music, and reading another chapter of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Everything was great! She and I left the Air Canada plane behind in search of the next gate.

I fly a lot. Like, a lot. Like, all the time a lot. So I know how to read a gate list that tells us where our gate is.  The sign said B, so logically, I started to lead us towards B. Just then a small Asian lady in a muted yellow vest walked up to us, “International connection? This way!”

“Yes, but we have to go this way to B,” I said politely back.

“No, no. I take you through security. This way!” she earnestly said. So, Payton and I shrugged and followed the lady to the customs desk.  We were cleared without any trouble – got our passports stamped, turned over the border control card thing, and were given a smile. Everything seemed great!

As we started to head in the direction I was told to go in, I noticed that everything was listed as E. Looking up at the next flight list, I noticed that our Aer Lingus flight was not listed. Hmmm… Payton and I made our way all the way to the Terminal 1 E Gate before we could find customer service all to find out that we were not only at the wrong gate, but in the WRONG TERMINAL! The small yellow vested Asian had hijacked us and put us in the wrong place.


Instead of walking the four and a quarter miles back to the customs gate, I asked one of the airport ladies on the golf carts to give us a lift to where we needed to go.  She looked at us like we were crazy when we explained the story, but agreed to cart us as far as she could.

Back at the point where all of the confusion began, Payton and I headed off in the direction of B not knowing if B was in fact a real place or a figment of our imagination.

She and I were forced to go through customs again. Again. So, technically, Payton and I have entered Canada twice in one day. But it’s whatever. We approached the counter with a fairly attractive Canadian man behind the desk and told our story.  Like the lady from the golf cart, the customs man looked at us like we were nuts.  Frantically, we searched our passports for the stamp that the first customs lady had given us.

The customs man looked at us, back down at the passport, and at us again. “You guys got here two days ago?” he asked.

“Uummm, no. We literally got here today. Here, this was our boarding pass,” I said as Payton and I handed over our passes.

This is what he saw.

Good job Canada.
Good job Canada.

The  first customs desk that Payton and I walked through stamped our pass with the date of June 3. JUNE 3!! What the butt!? That means that for all day yesterday and today, they have been stamping the WRONG DATE! Whatever. Also, because Payt and I had already gone through one custom, we no longer had a boarding card. Luckily, we were able to fill out another one and get by the customs man.  He wished us good luck as we kept going.

Payton and I walked by the luggage belt as a just in case our stuff got miss sorted and ended up there. It was not, so she and I kept on. Walking past several people who we recognized as being on our flight with their luggage alarmed us.  Next thing we knew, they were chunking their cases onto another luggage belt.


I walked up to a lady in red and ask, “Hey, you were on the flight form Atlanta.  Why do you have your luggage?”

“Oh you have to get it and recheck it. This airport is different,” she said smiling.

Oh gee thanks for the notification. Practically running back to the baggage claim, Payton and I took off in search of our luggage that was not there.

“Hey!! “Heeyyyy!!! Where are you going?!” yelled all of the Air Canada ladies behind a counter.

“We have to go get our luggage!” I said back as we made our way to the desk. “No one told us that we had to recheck our bags.”

“There was an announcement made on the plane,” the Air Canada lady said with the nastiest tone ever heard in the universe.

The only way to respond was equally as nasty, “Oh sorry, I was sleeping on the plane. Didn’t know that was illegal.”

After some serious confusion and miscommunication, we were instructed that because we are flying Aer Lingus, our bags will be directly swapped over to the new plane and that we didn’t have to get our luggage. Only people flying Air Canada have to do that.

With a great huff, Payton and I stomped away in search of Gate B.

Gate B.

Gaatteeee Beeee……..

Nope, no idea where it is. There was a D, and an E, and some H’s, but no B. When I finally asked someone where it was she looked at the with those “oh honey” eyes. You know, the ones you make at someone who you really want to call dumb and stupid but don’t do it so you do it with your eyes and tone of voice? Yeah, that happened.

“Oh, you’re in the wrong terminal. You need to be in Terminal 3,” were the words out of her mouth, but they eyes just said, “Oh, honneeyy. You don’t have a clue do you?” Whatever. Payton and I headed off in now search for the infamous train to take us to Terminal 3.

From there, things got better. We found Terminal 3, had a fantastic burger, and got to the B’s.

I’m sitting at our gate waiting for the flight to board all the while amazed at how crazy the last couple of hours have gone.  We were supposed to have a near 4 hour lay over which turned into over an hour of chaos lost and turned around in the Toronto Airport. But it’s made ok with good food and complimentary wifi and iPads!!

Really! They have an entire section of internet hooked up and games loaded on iPads for people to just play on!

What kind of a crazy world is this?!
What kind of a crazy world is this?!

Here’s to hoping that the next leg of our flight will go more smoothly than it has so far.

See you in Ireland!!

<3 🙂 MC

21 thoughts on “The Struggle that is the Toronto Airport

  1. Oh my ! Good thing you know you have to be flexible when you travel. I hope the rest of your travel is uneventful .

    1. I do now! My luggage eventually showed up here in Dublin and nothing was missing! So now I can just look at the Toronto Airport and kinda laugh at Canada. Haha Just a bad day I guess

  2. Ahhhh…all you can do is smile and know that – life is a crazy world! Travel gives us so many opportunities for confusion, misadventures, and laughter. The rule of travel? Smile and know that this too shall pass! Have a safe trip!

      1. Just one of those fun stories that you can share with others one day. I always thought I should write a book with all the zany events and hilarious stores that occur when traveling overseas with students. Come to think of it, the stories that chaperones shared at 1 AM while working hall duty might be more entertaing! Anyway….I’m proud of you…and so happy that Payton is having an opportunity to travel with with you too. Happy memories you both shall share! Glad we had a chance to talk at the coffee shop on your last visit. Safe travels, Morgan.

  3. It’s just one of those flights when you seem to be going round im circles and nothing seems ever to go right…don’t worry…have some chocolates instead and just….hmm…wait till you get home and collapse in exhaustion? Haha…hang in there and cheers! 🙂

  4. Hahahaha! Oh my… I’ve lived in Toronto for 4 years now and I am so embarrassed! You’ll probably have already figured out that Toronto is the exception for the stereotype of Canadians being polite. I’ve been to Pearson several times now, but the same thing happened the first time I went with my friend who was also flying to Dublin. They really should write somewhere that Terminal 3 is international flights!

    I have a similar story at Boston Airport where I and 2 others coming from Germany were taking the shuttle to a different terminal, heading to the same destination, but the Asian man driving the bus somehow was convinced I was supposed to go elsewhere. I ended up in domestic baggage claim. -_-

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