Keeping Busy

Good grief is it difficult to find time to write while at home. It’s been go, go, go ever since I woke up Thursday morning, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Thursday, I got my hair cut, teeth cleaned, and back massaged. 😀 Man it felt good.

8 months is  a LOOONNGG time to go without a haircut....
8 months is a LOOONNGG time to go without a haircut….

Friday, I visited the museum I worked at to see some of the people there and had a meeting with the Editor of the newspaper here in town about my column.

Saturday, I went to a wedding shower and we successfully through my dad a surprise birthday party!!

And yesterday, Sunday, I went to church and to my cousins graduation party.

On top of all that, I’ve hung out with friends and eating like a crazy person. I mean good lord. Do we Americans really eat like that? I like to tell myself that it’s only because I’ve just come home for a week and want to shove it all in there, but my god. I need to stop lol.

God's gift to the world - Chickfila.
God’s gift to the world – Chickfila.

I’ve got today, tomorrow, and Wednesday left in town, then my sister and I leave off on Thursday for Ireland.

I’ll try to post again between now and then. Hopefully I’ll find the time!!

Loving home!!



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