The alarm clock will ring around 8.00am, but I’m 90% sure I will be up well before then out of pure excitement. It is blowing my mind that eight months ago I hugged my family goodbye for the adventure of a lifetime.

8 months!

That is a crazy long time. Two thirds of the year gone like the blink of an eye.

But then I think about all of the amazing things I have been so blessed to do in that time, and I remember all of the wonderful people I have met.  I never would have seen the Arctic Circle or the Western Wall if I had stayed in America. I never would have met people from all over the world, some of whom have become my very best friends.

I am so thankful I got on that plane all those months ago.

The visit home will only be for a week, but that is more than I could have asked for.  Work has been steady and the company I’ve been with since January has requested me again right when I get back to Ireland.  I’m thankful for a steady work flow.

Also, when I come back to Ireland, my sister, Payton, will be with me. She has never been to Ireland! I cannot wait to show her around the little world I created here. She’ll love it.

Me and Payton
Me and Payton

She and I have plans to go to France and Monaco while she is over here as well. And who knows. We may end up in Italy too. Ha! The possibilities are endless.

Then about a week later, our parents will make the journey over here to Ireland!!!!! Neither of them have ever been out of the USA, soooo that’ll be interesting.

The Parents
The Parents

The four of us will spend a few days in London before I set them loose in Ireland. While I work, they are going to be going on day tours around the country.  They’ll fall in love with Ireland just like I did.

BUT!! Before all of that happens, I have an eight hour flight to Chicago, IL and then a two hour flight to Atlanta, GA.

I go home tomorrow.

Home to a land of fried chicken, pigs in the blanket, and sweet tea. A land where people say “y’all” and “ma’am and sir.” A land of crazy people and crazier weather. A land where football reigns supreme and the Braves are the only baseball team that matters. A land where my family has been for hundreds of years. A land I love.

I am going home to the South.

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