Israel : Day 2

How do I feel at the end of the day?

I’m a little groggy today. The jet lag caught up with me this morning. We started the day with a 7.30 lecture that lasted until 10.00am. 😑 I mean, it was good but that was 5.30am on my body and listening to a lecture was the last thing I wanted to do. Since then, I’ve just been groggy.

What was the weirdest thing I ate?

Nothing weird today! Then again, I haven’t had dinner yet. So we shall see!

Side street of Jerusalem

Did I avert a disaster?

One of the group members didn’t. Most of the people on this trip are elderly, and their health is of course a big concern. This particular gentlemen must have eaten something bad a few days ago because he has been sick for two days now. Yesterday it was just his stomach, but last night he apparently fell in the bathroom and busted open his cheek under his eye. With that cut and the now vomiting on top of other stuff, he was taken to the health clinic. They then issued him to the hospital. He’s gonna be ok, but this can be a good lesson for everyone. Street food is great! It’s cheap, local, and usually tastes pretty good. But sometimes you don’t know how the food has been prepared and who has touched it and stuff like that. So just be very careful when buying food right from a market. If you get fruits and veggies, wash them again at home before eating.

What was the most beautiful thing I saw?

Probably the market Hannah and I walked through. It was so colorful!

Who was the most interesting person I talked to today?

While writing this post by the pool, I’ve been talking to some people from Canada. It’s always great to swap travel stories!

What was the highlight of my day?

The highlight of my day was wandering through the market inside Damascus Gate. Clothes, meats, shoes, trinkets, and anything you can think of hung from the ceiling and walls of the ancient buildings. People called to each other in Arabic and Hebrew. They haggled prices and laughed at jokes. Colors flashed from every direction. Red scarves and black dresses, white plates and blue trinkets lined the market beckoning me to buy something. The men and women running the shops cat called me as I walked buy offering me a great deal on this t-shirt and that freshly pressed orange juice. It was unreal.


What was the most moving part of the day?

Dr. Fleming took us to the Temple Mount today. The structure that stands today is only a fraction of the original temple. The Temple Mount was at least twice the size it is now with a twenty story pinnacle on the platform with a 45 foot tall alter inside. That is the Temple Jesus taught in. We stood at the gate he would have entered. For one moment I was connected back to people two thousand years ago.

Temple Mount. This used to be at least twice this size.

Did I realize something about the trip?

I realized that my body has become very used to mild Irish weather and that it doesn’t like hot temperatures. Lord help me when I go to Georgia next week…

What was the funniest quote?

Dr. Fleming told an archaeology joke this morning.

Jesus liked to teach in Solomon’s Colonnade in the Temple. This is the oldest part of the Temple built over 500 years earlier by King Solomon. Because Jesus taught here, we can assume that he was a big fan of archaeology.

Hahaha it’s lame but it made me laugh

Did I learn anything? If so, what?

Most of what we talked about today were things that I had learned while working at Explorations in Antiquity last year. But learning about the Temple and SEEING the Temple are two very different things. I had already learned everything but what I knew was put into a new perspective when I came face to face with the massive structure.

Touching the two thousand year old stones. Something about that is ust special.

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