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Y’all will get to read this once I have internet, but know that I am writing it on the airplane after the  most glorious nap ever. I never expected to sleep for over three hours of the plane ride, but I’ve done it!! Oh and I am on my Kindle for the next week, so please bare with me as the WordPress app can be a little tricky to navigate and type on.

Now for more important things. I want to give y’all some back story as to why I am taking a trip to Israel. 

I began working at Explorations in Antiquity September 2012 as a volunteer hoping to gain experience in a museum. Little did I know, EIA would be my first full time job. By January 2013, I was a member of staff as the Curator in Training.

While at Explorations, I learned more about the Bible and the people in it than I had my entire life in church.

Explorations in Antiquity is an archaeological museum with life size replicas of structures from the ancient world. Each exhibit is built to scale exactly as it would have been then. Take for example a millstone which Jesus talks about in the book of Matthew. A giant, heavy ans fully functional millstone is in the Garden. The aim of EIA is neither  to teach scripture nor to preach the Gospel but to help people today understand how people lived in ancient Israel.

Dr. Jim Fleming, founder of Explorations in Antiquity, began this project several years ago in Israel as a student. The famed story goes that as a budding college student in the 1960s, he was wandering around Temple Mount when the earth gave way. Dr. Fleming fell into a hole. After gathering his bearings, Jim realized he was surrounded by an ancient wall. A gate. Dr. Fleming took out his camera and snapped all of the pictures he could of the Eastern Gate before climbing out of the hole. When he returned the next day with his teacher, th  hole had already been sealed with concrete closing off the Eastern Gate forever. His photographs remained.

Dr. Fleming was  on eleven major archaeological excavations throughout his career and started a museum similar to EIA IN Jerusalem. Biblical Resources was founded with his colleague Hannaniah Pinto, and the project grew from there. BR was in three separate locations over the years providing information to both tourists and locals about ancient Israel.

Along with Biblical Resources, Dr. Fleming and Mr. Pinto began taking tour groups on tours around  the Holy Land. They would visit the actual sights mentioned in the Bible teaching  people more an  more about the ancient world.

Fast forward to 2007, Explorations in Antiquity opens its doors in LaGrange, GA and Biblical Resources still takes tour groups back to Israel year round.

I am joining a tour that has been in Israel since the 13th of May for five days in Jerusalem, and I could not be more excited!!

A pilgrimage is a major part of many religions and is a very personal experience. This is my pilgrimage.

Over the next few days I will be talking about how this trip is molding me, and with that I will talk about my faith. I am not doing this to sway anyone out there. Please know that. My trip to Israel is a personal experience that I am willing and wanting to share with y’all.

I will be answering questions each day about what I’ve done in hopes to keep y’all updated on the trip and for me to better remember things. Later when I’m back at my laptop, I’ll be able to better devote writing  time about my experience.

Until then, hope on board and come with me on my pilgrimage to Israel.

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  1. What a cool experience. We would love to do something like this one day. Our pilgrimage will be our Camino walk later this year! Look forward to reading more. Happy travels 🙂

  2. Hi this was fun to read since I am a Brit who moved to live in Israel so I can connect to you on various different levels- especially since now I am an Expat in China lol.Anyway thanks for your incredible post.

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