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I Need Y’alls Help!!!

Hey y’all!!

Ok, so I’m headed to Israel on TUESDAY!!! 🙂 I am not going to take my laptop on this trip because I don’t want to risk something happening to it, but I will be blogging from my iPhone and Kindle! I will probably be exhausted at the end of each night and not able to write a full blog post giving enough detail to each thing I do (don’t worry, they will come later), but I want to keep y’all updated on what I do. SO! I have come up with a plan.

I will post 3 -5 photos of things I did that day. 

I also want to answer quick questions about the day.  I’ve come up with a few here.

What was the most moving moment of the day?

What was the weirdest thing I ate?

Did I realize something about this trip?

Did I learn anything? If so, what?

Funniest quote of the day.

Now I need Y’ALL to give me some questions to answer!!! I want a total of 10 per day, so I am hoping to pick the rest of my questions from y’all!

So give me those questions!

Getting VERY exciting!!

<3 😀 MC



  1. What was the most beautiful thing you saw today?
    Who the most interesting person you met today?
    I’m really looking forward to reading about Israel. Have a great trip!

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