I Need Y’alls Help!!!

Hey y’all!!

Ok, so I’m headed to Israel on TUESDAY!!! 🙂 I am not going to take my laptop on this trip because I don’t want to risk something happening to it, but I will be blogging from my iPhone and Kindle! I will probably be exhausted at the end of each night and not able to write a full blog post giving enough detail to each thing I do (don’t worry, they will come later), but I want to keep y’all updated on what I do. SO! I have come up with a plan.

I will post 3 -5 photos of things I did that day. 

I also want to answer quick questions about the day.  I’ve come up with a few here.

What was the most moving moment of the day?

What was the weirdest thing I ate?

Did I realize something about this trip?

Did I learn anything? If so, what?

Funniest quote of the day.

Now I need Y’ALL to give me some questions to answer!!! I want a total of 10 per day, so I am hoping to pick the rest of my questions from y’all!

So give me those questions!

Getting VERY exciting!!

<3 😀 MC


6 thoughts on “I Need Y’alls Help!!!

  1. What was the most beautiful thing you saw today?
    Who the most interesting person you met today?
    I’m really looking forward to reading about Israel. Have a great trip!

  2. Averted disaster?

    So many things can go wrong while we travel and it is always entertaining to hear and tell about traveling pitfalls. It is always satisfying to read about a potential disaster that was avoided by excellent travel skills. haha

    – Amanda at http://teachingwanderlust.com/

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