Things I Never Travel Without

Packing for a trip is a ritual.

The process begins in my head well in advance of the trip. I go over every detail of what I could possibly need – clothes, gadgets, medicine. But somehow, the actual packing process doesn’t begin until the night before the trip.

I’m that person who runs around like a chicken with their head cut off throwing items into a suitcase praying that they make it to the airport on time. So far, touch wood (as the Irish say), I have not been late for take off.

In my packing exists a few items that I take everywhere with me no matter what.


Nothing in life makes me as happy as a good book. Long plane rides, train rides, loner coffees in a foreign city, and right before bed are all perfect times for me to dive into a world created by someone else.  I have a Kindle Fire which also has wifi.  My little tablet is good for blogging, googling, and taking selfies! 🙂

Kindle Selfie in Cork, Ireland

Ear Plugs

This began on road trips with my parents. I love y’all and don’t kill me for putting this on my blog because let’s be real, everyone does it. When they sleep, they engage in an unconscious battle of who can snore the loudest. It sounds like a wild boar slammed on the brakes of a freight train in the middle of a tornado. Basically, the worst sound of your life. (Nah it’s not that bad  😉 ) My sister and I joke with them all the time about it. To combat their log sawing, I began sleeping with ear plugs. I’ve carried them with me on every trip since. Hostel life with multiple other people snoring away in your dorm room can be quite the struggle without ear plugs.


I can buy shampoo and body wash just about anywhere, but not every place sells good quality deodorant.  I’ve become rather picky about my anti gross smell stuff, and I use Dove. I’m so picky that when I moved to Ireland, I stocked up just so I wouldn’t have to buy the European version of it here. (Tried it two months in Scotland. Never again.) As long as I have a good stick of deodorant, I can go a day or two without showering.  I might look a little grimy, but I won’t smell it.

Rain Jacket

You never know what the weather will do.  I would rather be a little cold but dry than warm and wet. My rain jacket is a size too big so I can layer up underneath it if I need to during the winter. It has saved my butt 1,000 times over here in Ireland.

Rain jacket <3


Best. Investment. Ever.

My iPhone can be used in a million different ways – camera, video camera, phone, GPS, music, Google, social media, blogging, games, reading, Sudoku, on and on.

Just about everything that I need to survive on the road can be found in the palm of my hand on my iPhone. Not to mention with iMessage and FaceTime, I can talk to my family and friends back home when I have internet access.

I’m not advocating iPhone over HTC droid stuff, but I am just really pleased with the experience I have had with my iPhone.

Water Bottle

Water is not free nor readily accessible everywhere around the world. Instead of having to pay for it, I carry around a dinky old water bottle and fill it up as I go.

Snack Foods

You do not want to become hangry while on the road. That will lead to nothing but trouble for yourself and the people you come in contact with. I always carry meal bars, some chocolate, and a carb food (because I can’t live without pretzels or Doritos.)

Auburn Blanket

Sometimes you just need that one touch of home to get through the woes of living and traveling so far from home.  My Auburn blanket is small enough to roll into a bundle that can fit into my book bag. It’s also made of fleece and is the perfect amount of cozy and warm.  Everyone has experienced that one transport ride that was just dreadful. Wrapping my blanket around my head to block out the world with my ear plugs in my ear is the best way to drown out that terrible ride.

War Eagle!! <3 😀

War Eagle!! <3 :D


So those are the things I never travel without. Do you have a specific gadget or thing that you never go anywhere without? Tell me below!

15 thoughts on “Things I Never Travel Without

  1. I love having a kindle…before I had to make sure I bring along at least 1 or 2 books which is very cumbersome but I need a book along! haha 🙂

  2. As a perpetual traveller, I love reading lists like this! I have been looking into a Kindle or other lightweight e-reader to replace my bulky iPad2 (it is even bulkier because I have kid-proofed it with an otterbox case). I mostly use my ipad for reading books and checking my email while on the road with only the occasional web search; do you recommend the kindle fire as a good replacement for me to free up some extra space and lighten my backpack?

    -Amanda at

    1. Absolutely! I’m an Apple person, but I refuse to buy an iPad. I’m just not a big fan of them. Why have an iPad when I have an iPhone and a MacBook? I just doesn’t make sense to me. The software and set up is different on the Kindle than an iPad so that would take some getting used to. But the Kindle is smaller than the iPad2. The Kindle can also do email, web browsing, pictures. Everything like the iPad. It isn’t Apple but works basically the same. If you’re a reader though, go Kindle because the reading screens are made differently and are supposed to be better in your eyes. And the Kindle links right up with Amazon so you can do one click shipping!!!!!! That can be really dangerous though haha Talking from an admitted Amazon shopaholic haha Hope that helps! 🙂

      1. I also have a MacBook and iPhone so I was worried that the kindle wouldn’t integrate as well, but I think you have me convinced. My students would love it if I could retire my iPad to permanently live in my classroom! As long as I can figure out how to migrate all of the books I have currently stored on my iPad onto the Kindle, I think it makes a great travel companion.

      2. Now the migration, I know nothing about haha! I am in no way a techy and do not claim to be one. But I’m sure your iPad will love its new home in the classroom 🙂

  3. My husband always nags me to bring a rain jacket, and I’m always glad he does! I always bring a little travel pack of TP. You just never know.

    1. Ahh!! That’s something I forgot to add! I always carry tissues with me just because you never know. I also do it when I go out at night because no one likes to go to those already disgusting bar bathrooms just to realize all too late that there isnt any TP. lol

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