Moving Around Dublin

This week’s Photo Challenge on the Daily Post is titled “On the Move.”

I decided to take part in this week’s challenge because moving around Dublin is something that I had to get used to.

In America, I own a Ford Escape, and I love it. My SUV gets me everywhere I need to go fast, efficiently, and with loud music blaring. But people don’t drive here. I mean, they do, but I know more grown men and women without a drivers licenses than I do teenagers back in the States. What this means is that Irish people chose to use other modes of transportation and not drive.

How do they move? Like this.

Some take the train,


And others like to walk in the rain.


The bus is big and yellow,


And the Luas is a long fellow.


Bikes line the streets and footpaths,


While taxi cabs do the meter math.


Everyone is on the move,


But never in the same groove.


Whether you walk, bus, or cab,


Moving around Dublin isn’t all that bad.



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