The Five Year Plan


My five-year high school reunion is this year.

We all graduated with a tentative five-year plan that we hope our lives would follow.  I remember dating someone seriously, and planning some kind of a possible life together. I remember talking about graduating from Auburn University within five years at the most. I wanted to study abroad, but it wasn’t high on the list.  I hoped to go to grad school to further my education in history, so one day I could be a professor.

My five-year plan in 2009 when I graduated high school was to be some what settled in a comfortable life with a significant other looking forward to my career and stuff.

But that’s not how things go.


Five years ago, I hugged goodbye to several high school classmates who I have not seen since that last night together.

Five years ago, I entered a world of frat parties and all-nighter study sessions.

In the last five years, I have been in three different relationships. Currently single.

I worked for the Auburn University football team, and we won a National Championship my first year on staff in 2010.

College graduation came a semester early in fall 2012. I finished my degree in three and a half years.

I did study abroad for two month in Scotland summer 2012.

When I graduated college, I was offered a position in my field of study at a museum. I began my career at 21.

I have no plans what so ever to go back to university. Ever.

In the fall of 2013, I quit my career, broke up with my boy friend, and moved to Ireland.

Five years ago, I hopped on the roller coaster of life and have been turned upside down 100 times since.

I have in no way followed the five-year plan I had set up for myself after high school graduation.

But that is just fine.


It’s time I make a new five-year plan.


In the next five years, I want to expect the unexpected, live for today, plan for tomorrow, and love until I cannot love any more. 


That’s a plan I think I can stick to.


To the graduating classes of 2014, 

My advice is to not be so stuck on what you will be doing five years from now. Life has a funny way of making its own plan.

Plan, wish, dream, yearn.  It’s those things that push us forward from day to day. Just don’t forget about now. Don’t forget about today. Tomorrow will come, and tomorrow will be great. But today is today. Enjoy it.

Some of the most pivotal decisions I’ve made have came in the moment when I least expected them. I made the call to the Auburn Equipment staff about a job, the day after I found out I was going to be able to stay at Auburn another year. Yes, there was a time when I seriously considered leaving Auburn. I thank God every day that I didn’t.

Love. It’s the best trait we have. Without love, we are nothing. Whether that’s loving your friends, loving your job, loving your parents, or loving yourself. Just, love. Don’t stop.

Five years from now, whether you’ll be looking back on high school or college graduation, smile. Not because you have achieved your five-year plan, but because you’ve lived another five years. You have another set of experiences under your belt to make you a better person now than you were then. You’ve changed, grown, matured, experienced.

Do not be ashamed if you are not doing at all in any way what you planned to be doing. I never planned to be living in Europe, but here I am. It’s okay if you have failed and had to start all over. It’s wonderful if your plans have worked out perfectly.

Oh the places you will go.

Oh the places I will go.

Until the next five-year plan,

<3 MC

Updated 09/05/14

Yesterday’s prompt on the Daily Post was about making big decisions based on past experiences.  I’ve make countless major decisions in my life based solely off of personal experiences. Here, I have made the choice not to plan for the next five years, but to just let them happen. Hope that makes sense 🙂

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