The Realization: I Don’t Have Much Time Left in Ireland

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Earlier this weekend, my roommate Matilda and I were sitting in my bed talking about the future and plans for our lives. She is 19, a budding Swedish chick ready to take on the planet, and I am 22, a travel addict yearning to see the world.  We have the world at our fingertips, long lives ahead of us, but no desire to leave Ireland. She and I sat on my bed practically crying because my visa runs up at the end of September.  When that happens, my time living in Ireland will be finished, and I’ll have to leave.

You may be thinking, “Psh. September is ages away!” But it’s really not.

Today is May 5, and my visa expires on September 29. That’s only 147 days left in Ireland. Between now and then, I have a trip planned to Israel from May 20 – 26, and I will be back in the States May 28 – June 5. When I arrive back in Ireland on the 6th of June, I’ll have my sister with me, and my parent’s will arrive the next week. They will all be in town until Just 21st. So that’s minus 30 days bringing me to 117 days left in Ireland on my own.

But that’s still not it!

I have plans to do a three-week train ride through Southern and Eastern Europe the first part of September.  My hope is to begin in Portugal, make my way to Greece, up to Poland, and out of Austria.  Don’t worry Mama, I plan to be visiting people and having friends travel with me along the way. 🙂 Either way, that’s another 21 days where I will be on the road and not in Ireland bringing me to a grand total of 96 days left in Ireland.


I still have so many things I want to do, but only so many weekends to do it!

Beyond wanting to see as much of this country as possible, I’m going to miss my friends. I’ve met so many incredible people over the course of this year. My friends are from Nepal, France, Sweden, South Africa, Ireland, Romania, Spain, Canada, and the list goes on and on. What am I going to do without these people in my life everyday?! I know in today’s world, we have Facebook and Instagram and all other kinds of social media that allow us to keep in touch, but it isn’t the same. It won’t be like I’ll have Matilda curled up watching crap TV on my laptop with me all the time. I’ll have to chat via FaceTime and Skype.

Oh how my heart is already breaking, and I still have so much time to go. I don’t want to go. I’ve created a life here for myself. I signed tax form. I got a job. I have an apartment in City Center. I have friends that have become family. I am in love with Irish food and the ability to walk everywhere!

Words cannot describe my emotional attachment to this place. My heart is breaking months before I actually have to leave. Lord help me when September 29th actually arrives. Until then, I will spend as much time as possible with the people I love in the place that I love, and know in the back of my mind, that I do not have much time left here.

12 thoughts on “The Realization: I Don’t Have Much Time Left in Ireland

  1. 🙁 oh reading that post made us sad!! Sorry to hear that you don’t have much time left in Ireland! We are no experts in visas having never worked abroad and you probably have explored the options but is there a way to extend your visa or leave the country and reapply for the same visa you had? We are sure something will work out and your next adventure will be just as fabulous! Until then, enjoy the time and don’t remind yourself by countdown! 🙂

    1. Yeah, It’s nearly impossible to stay unfortunately. And the visa I have is only good one time. Soooo That just means that I have to move somewhere else!! Australia maybe?! 😉 But I will always love my times spent in Dublin

  2. I completely understand. That’s how I felt about leaving Mexico. When you have spent all this time and energy to create a real life abroad complete with friends, routines, and traditions – it is very difficult to say goodbye to it all 🙁

    I wish you all the best. I hope you get to see everyone you want to see and do everything you want to do and eat and drink everything you want to eat and drink.!!

    Btw – do you ever get a chance to go near Drumcondra.? There was a lovely little cafe there called The Cheese Pantry. I was just wondering if it was still there. I have lovely memories of that place 🙂 Good luck,.!!

    1. Thanks! That’s the nice thing about being able to connect with all of y’all across the world. Everyone give such nice words of advice 🙂 I’ve not heard of The Cheese Pantry but will def look into it and let you know!

  3. Think about it this way, you now know you can live overseas and you have discovered just how simple the whole process can be – nothing will be too big an obstacle to overcome the next time – you have already done it once. It gets easier each time you make the move. And you still have your friends, no matter where you are living. Enjoy you time and all the best!

  4. Enjoy yourself with the times you still have and don’t worry of missing your friends as you travel to different part of the world you will get to know more friends and your old friends are still in your heart whenever you need them, they will be there for you also….

  5. Haha, Ireland has that effect of people, doesn’t it? Every single working holiday friend I made in my year all said the exact same thing – I don’t want to leave. One even went to immigration to ask for more time!

      1. Oh yes 🙂 I can think of plenty of countries that have working holiday visas. You can just line them up and check them off!

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