Marian’s Start to Germany

I’ve talked about my good friend from home, Marian, a lot here on my blog.  In case you haven’t met good old Marian, this is what she looks like! Love her! We met in college and have been good friends for going on five years now! WHAT?! Oh how time flies.

Marian and I - Mountains of Mourne, Northern Ireland
Marian and I – Mountains of Mourne, Northern Ireland

ANYWAYS! Marian is living up in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and she recently took a trip to Germany to see some family friends. We all know that my life is full of really awkward moments (see HERE if you didn’t know that), but Marian’s life is full of weird and awkward moments too!! See below for how her trip to Germany started off to a weird and awkward start!

An Inauspicious Start

The morning (night) I left for Germany, I woke before my alarm.  I never sleep well when I’m anticipating something, so that wasn’t a very unusual occurrence.  My 2:30am wakeup time became 2:20, and I decided to drag myself out of bed rather than salvage my last ten minutes of sleep.  After all, I rationalized, I’d be able to sleep on the 2 hour bus ride to the Dublin Airport.

I’d packed my bag, and made sure that all of my things were in order before I left.  My plan was to get dressed, grab my bag and be out of the door by a few minutes after 3.  My bus was due to leave at 3:30.

I stepped out of the door into the cool night air at the planned time, calling my cab as I walked.  That time of night it wouldn’t take long, so I expected it to arrive by the time I got around the corner to the pickup point.  Halfway there, I reminded myself that I’d have to take my thyroid medicine when I arrive at the airport, so I could eat breakfast before takeoff….

CLICK HERE to see the rest of the story!!



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