Traveling on a Budget?

ME TOO!! There is nothing worse than planning a trip to a new city only to be troubled with high prices and empty wallets. The great thing is that there are countless free and bargain things to do all over the world! Every city has its own special free tour or museum and its own package deal. I’ve listed below a few places that I have been to and had first hand experience with. If you have any questions or suggestions or know of another great deal in another city, please let me know! 🙂

Click the links of these first three websites for some of the top FREE things to do in a few cities around Europe.

Dublin, Ireland

Living in Dublin has been the vest experience of my life! I’ve fallen in love with everynook and cranny of this place. With that in mind, I can highly recommend the National Museums of Ireland. They are all fantastic. Also, if you like to sit in a park and people watch, St. Stephen’s Green is a must! 

See the Dublin Castle on one of the MANY walking tours
See the Dublin Castle on one of the MANY walking tours

London, England 

My family and I are headed to London in June!! I visited there nine (good grief!!) years ago, but don’t remember a whole lot of specifics. The four of us will tackle the city and count each of our pennies. Be on the lookout for a London on a Budget post to come your way in about two months. 😉

Oslo, Norway 

My friend, Jacquie, and I traveled to Oslo earlier this year and were on a VERY tight budget. We wandered through the city taking in the sights and sounds of Norway’s capital as cheaply as possible.  On the website, you will see links to the Opera House, Botanic Gardens, and Vigeland Park. She and I did each of these and loved every minute! Highly recommend the Opera House. It’s quite the hike to the top, but you get a great view of the city. 

The Port
One of the views from the top of the Opera House – Oslo, Norway

Some cities offer package deals when you visit them. You can get metro cards, a map, and discounts to many or all of the popular tourist attractions. Click the links to check them out!

Rotterdam, Holland – The Welcome Card

I was in Rotterdam for 48 hours earlier this month. Prior to my visit, I purchased the Welcome Card online for no more than 15euro.  That gave me unlimited access to public transportation (bus, tram, and metro), a map, and a booklet with literally 40+ pages of discounts at restaurants, museums, and tourist attractions. It was the best deal I could have gotten for myself! Two thumbs up Rotterdam!

Cubed Houses, Rotterdam, Holland
Cubed Houses, Rotterdam, Holland

Paris, France – Paris City Passport

Like London, I was in Paris when I was 13. I remember seeing the Mona Lisa and gaping at the gold crested ceiling of Versailles. Paris is not cheap, but they too offer a great package deal that give you a great discount to many of its famous tourists attractions. The Paris City Passport  encompasses all transport around Paris and discounted entry to attractions. And!! It gives you access to a river cruise on the Seine River. Who would want to pass that kind of a deal up?


2 thoughts on “Traveling on a Budget?

  1. Re: London.

    London can be extremely cheap. If you’ll be travelling on your own rather than joining a tour, I’d recommend getting an Oyster Card and getting daily/weekly/monthly travel cards rather than using the normal pay as you go cheaper for Zone 1-3. Definitely comes around cheaper if you’re jumping from places to places. There are also so many things you can do for free in London, especially museum-wise. I definitely recommend a visit to the Natural History Museum, the British Museum and the Tate Modern. Also a visit to Greenwich, usually there is a fee to go inside the courtyard but you can stand of the Prime Meridian outside of it too and it’s such a lovely place for a good walk. And not to forget Hyde Park and the Kensington Gardens are good too 🙂

    I’ll drop by if I think of anything else 😉

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