How Can You Not Love Ireland?

Just look at how beautiful this place is!!

Click the images to make them larger! 🙂

10 thoughts on “How Can You Not Love Ireland?

  1. Wow – it must be a sign! We need to revisit Ireland!!
    We only just posted some photos of Ireland on our FB page today and you have just shown us some more! Will have to share these too…

  2. I’m off to Ireland in 3 weeks, this has just made me so much more excited! Any tips of what to see/do in Dublin and Belfast? Got the Cliffs of Moher and Giant’s Causeway covered… I think…

    1. Belfast – Do a Black Taxi Cab Tour and go to the Titanic Museum!! 🙂 Oh the things to do in Dublin. Drink!? Hahaa No, the National Museums are fantastic and there’s great small towns all around. Bray, Howth. So many things. Are you gonna get down to Cork at all? Blarney Castle is down there!!

      1. Definitely doing the Titanic museum! Will look up the black taxi tour, I have heard of them before actually. I’m trying to figure out if we should go to Cork for a day trip or overnight, or spend more time in Dublin and/or Belfast. Suggestions?

  3. It’s looking like we will have to do that as we found out we can’t hire a car now! We’re under 25 so it’s an extra 30 quid a day, but you need to have been eligible to drive for 8 years, and we’re all just shy of that by 2 months or so. Such a shame, why do they make it so difficult! I’m now researching day trips to Cliffs of Moher from Dublin, and Giant’s Causeway from Belfast, do you have any suggestions from your own experiences with guided day trips? Or should we get trains and manage on our own? Thanks for all the feedback so far, really helps!

    1. I would say base in dublin and do the day trips from here. the price includes admission to all the sites so it’s totally worth it. BUT! If you want to do it rugged style then you can book the buses yourself. But I would do the day trips 🙂

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