10 Quick Tips About Ireland

1. Guinness can be bought at almost any time of the day.

Especially in the airport!

Drinking in the airport at 6am. This wasn't mine! Promise! :)
Drinking in the airport at 6am. This wasn’t mine! Promise! 🙂

2. Crossing the street is a lot harder than it looks.

Don’t expect the cars to slow down for you.

3. Expect rain at any given time.

Really. The weather man gets it wrong a lot.

4. The Dublin Bus system is not reliable.

I’ve been late to work because the bus broke down.

5. Day Tours from Dublin are probably the best way to see other parts of Ireland.

You can see Cliffs of Moher, Blarney Castle, and Giant’s Causeway on day tours from Dublin without having to set your own transport and the entrance fees are included in the prices!

Giant's Causway
Giant’s Causway

6. Irish people love sports.

Rugby, Football, Gaelic Football, Horse Racing

7. The best pubs are outside of Temple Bar.

Temple Bar is a tourist trap too that will over charge you. 7 Euro for a pint? Please.

8. Cash is your best mode of payment.

Americans use swipe method and Europeans use the chip. Just take out the cash. It’ll save time and hassle.

9. Dublin City is small enough that you can walk everywhere you need to go.

It’s so handy! A capital city with a small town feel.

10. Irish people talk about the weather constantly.

It’s lovely outside! or Straight lashing! are normal phrases used when commenting on the weather.

Typical rainy day in Dublin
Typical rainy day in Dublin

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