Quintessential Holland

1. Water

The Netherlands are known for their canals. The cities have mastered the art of boat taxis, bridges, and reflections.  Canals wind and turn through Rotterdam shaping the city into the world it is today.

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2. Tulips

A trip to Holland wouldn’t be complete without tulips. I remember in college one of my professors spending an entire lecture on the tulip and how it molded early modern shipping and agriculture. These fields are not as large as the ones found in northern Holland, but they were beautiful none the less.

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3. Bicycles

They lined the sidewalks, railings, and light posts.  Cyclists and bikers (vroom vroom) even have their own lanes on the sidewalk! There is a place for cars, a place for walkers, and then a very proper with lights and everything place for people on two wheels!!

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4. Quirkiness

The Netherlands are infamous for various types of inspiration and art! Check out these apartments! They are literally cubed houses.  As we were walking through the complex, I couldn’t help but wonder how vases and picture frames didn’t topple out the windows.

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5. Beautiful

Rotterdam was stunning. From the reflections on the water to the tulips to the sunshine, it was all beautiful. Something magical happened that day. It was the perfect combination of everything that I needed to rejuvenate myself. Thank you Holland for being so beautifully made!

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7 thoughts on “Quintessential Holland

  1. I looove Rotterdam – so many people here hate it because it’s ‘too industrial’ and ‘too ugly’, but I think it’s beautiful and your pictures just reinforce my point! Glad NL was a good trip for you 🙂

  2. Oh, you forget the chocolate sprinkles, that “lekker Kopje Koffie” and the “Fla”. And that are open on Good Friday the stores. And the North Sea coast, which is nowhere as nice as in Holland. And… (;-)))

  3. Tulips and canals of Amsterdam’s most beautiful when I travel to Amsterdam, the museum is part of the prime attractions of the Netherlands

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