Worst Six Moments in Six Months

To match my Top Six Moments in Six Months, I have to talk about the WORST six moments.

They are in no particular order and are each a different kind of awkward.

Hope you enjoy the awkwardness that is my life! 🙂

1. A Series of Unfortunate Events

Ever have a day where everything goes wrong before lunch? Well, that was me here! A normal day at worked turned south fast!

2. Locking Myself in the Stall at JW

I had friends in town from home, and we went out to enjoy Dublin’s nightlife. Enjoy ourselves we did! I ended up locking myself in the bathroom stall. The only reason they were able to find me is because my feet stuck out under the door. My friends shoved me into a taxi and sent my butt home. But!! I saved their tails the next morning when they almost missed their flight to London. It all ended ok. 🙂

3. Couch Surfing in Oslo, Norway

Yeeeaaahhhh… So that was an awkward situation. I have never been more thankful for the kindness of friends of a friend in a foreign city! I know that COUNTLESS people have successful experiences with Couch Surfing, that just wasn’t one of them…

4. That Time I Went on a Bad Date

Granted, since this date, I have learned that most of the time guys DON’T pay for meals here. It’s weird to know that when I go out with them, I have to pack my own twenty and be ready to catch my half. But still. Principle.

5. Killing the Electric in the House – Twice

Well, the first time was when I was FaceTiming my cousins back home.  The five-year old asked to see my new home and of course I had to show him. As soon as I unplugged my phone from the charger, a giant spark went off following by smoke.  About 20 seconds later, my Spanish roommate came out of his room hollering in mangled English about how his computer just shut off.  Turns out, I blew a fuse and we spent the next hour flipping switches and cussing at each other while we saved the house. We have since blown fuses in the house two other times, but they weren’t my fault. 😉

The second time was when my friend Marian and I tried to bake tortillas into chips in her flat in Belfast. The electric shut off and smoke came out of her oven. The chips were blackened and un edible. We learned our lesson.

6. That Time I Walked to Work with my Dress Tucked Under my Jumper Baring Butt for All

It takes twenty minutes to walk to work each day, and I am usually in a hurry because I like sleep. This particular morning, I was rushed and wasn’t paying much attention to my walking. I just  needed to get to work on time. Now, during the winter, Irish people wear jumpers (sweaters) every day. They are the best way to keep us warm and cozy… Except for when they attack you. My long navy blue jumper decided to grab the tail of my dress and hike it up under my butt. I knew I felt a little colder than normal but didn’t think anything of it.  Then I started to notice the looks I was getting from people. People don’t normally pay any attention to me. Why were the looking at me? Then I finally got a sideways glance at myself in one of the shop windows. Yep, that was butt.  Luckily, I had on black tights, so it wasn’t bare butt for all to see. But it was just as embarrassing!! Sorry Dublin! Hope you liked the show!

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