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The Ever Growing List of Foods I Want From Home

Waffle House (Best late night food you will ever eat. Who said breakfast can’t be for dinner)

Chick-fil-A (God’s gift to mankind)

Pigs in a Blanket

Sausage Balls (Don’t get me started)

Captain D’s (I just really want popcorn shrimp ok)

The Varsity (Best worst decision you will ever make)


Smoothie King

Hamburger, carrots, and potatoes (Cantrell’s UNITE!)

Fried Chicken (like proper fried)

Domino’s (2am Pizza Runs)

Red Lobster (cheesy buttery ooey gooeyness)

Taco Bell (see The Varsity but think worse)

Mama’s Grits (mine just don’t cut it. PS : Thank you for continuously sending me these in the mail!!!)

Five Guys (Burgers. That is all)

Homemade Biscuits (not cookies and not scones ok. like PROPER WHITE N FLUFFY HOT FROM THE OVEN BISCUITS)

Cheeburger Cheeburger

Chicken n Dumplings (It’s cold here. I want this when I am cold)

Hot Dogs

Potato Stuff (Cantrells, you know!)

Nestle Crunch Bars

Evergreen Chinese Restaurant (I really want chicken fried rice…)

Chickfila (deserves to be on here more than once)

Mexican (Like proper CHEESE DIP)

Fried Okra (Google it.)

IHOP (REAL pancakes. fluffy, gonna go straight to my butt covered in butter and maple syrup stuff)

Applebee’s Margaritas (You know who you are)

Zaxby’s (and the cheesy fries!?)

Greek Seasoning

Lintel Soup (Explorations in Antiquity Center <<CHECK IT OUT!!)

Hibachi Japanese Food ( I like dinner and a show oh and soy sauce!)

Vegetable Soup (Mama knows best)

Steak (I’m poor….)

Cubed Steak


Momma Goldberg’s (Oh Auburn…)

Home Grown Veggies

Deer (anyone?)

LongHorn (Again.. I’m poor…)

Salad (Yeah, I know…)

Did I leave anything out? Tell me below!



  1. I love this list.!! When I lived in Mexico, I craved in no particular order –
    Thai food
    an Italian beef from Portillo’s
    a stuffed pizza from Giardano’s
    diner breakfasts

    I totally get it.!!


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