That Time We Killed The House

I spent a weekend in Belfast with Marian sometime in the Fall, and she and I wanted nothing more than ooey gooey cheesy nachos.  Sadly, the Irish don’t do queso so she and I had to create our own cheese sauce and queso dip.

Because the chips (crisps) we bought were running low on the large amount of salsa being consumed, Marian and I decided to simply MAKE chips.

I mean how hard could it be? Cut up some tortillas, throw a little oil on there, and bake baby bake! But noooppee! Not that simple.

The chips burnt in the oven causing huge amounts of smoke to plume from the door, and the oven overheated or something causing ALL of the electricity in the apartment to go out. We killed the house.

An electrician came to save us later in the evening, and all was well again.

I must say though that we chips she and I managed to salvage were wonderful in our home made pure Irish cheddar queso.


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