First Thoughts on Cork

I’m posting from my Kindle  in the hostel so bare with me.

Morning after our first night in Cork and I am already in love with this town. It is the complete opposite of Dublin. Dublin is busy, non stop, and is loud. Cork is calm, peaceful, and much quieter. We only walked around for a few hours last night, but these are some of the immediate differences.

1. The pubs stop serving food EARLY. Jeff and I only wanted dinner but had to try three different pubs before we settled on a restaurant at 10:00. If you want dinner in Cork, eat early.

2. According to the locals, I look like I’m 18 years old. I got IDed twice last night. TWICE!! I wasn’t even drinking. I just wanted in the pub for food. I know I have  young face and don’t wear a lot of makeup, but I swear I am 22 years old! I can drink in America!!

3. The girls dress worse than Dubliners. In Ireland when the girls go out, they dress, how should I state this without being offensive, like sleazy girls. There, hope that’s ok. Back home my mama should shoot me for going out  of the house in some of the things they wear here. Cork is worse than Dublin if that’s even imaginable.

I’ll have more to add to the list later on, but for now this will do. Hopefully Jeff will drag himself out of the top bunk soon and we take venture into the daylight!!! Be looking for stuff later maybe! ๐Ÿ™‚

2 thoughts on “First Thoughts on Cork

  1. I noticed the same thing about Scottish girls when they go out – I was only in St Andrews for a weekend but I was absolutely shocked! These are supposed to be some of the brightest minds in the world and I could tell you the colour of their underwear (if applicable!).
    Cork sounds lovely, as does Ireland in general. Really need to get my butt out there soon. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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