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A Day in the Sun


Today’s weather was absolutely amazing. It was 16c (or 60f for those of you back home), and I have never been so warm and cozy in my life. Maybe a handful of clouds danced across the sky; the birds soars through the air; and the kids roamed across the rounds of Blarney Castle. It’s like the world suddenly came alive. Jeff and I crawled in nooks and crannies, ran up and down ancient spiral staircases, and kissed the Blarney Stone.

The sun never stopped shining! At one point, I was sweating it was so warm. It was only 16!! Lord knows what I’m going to so when I go home to visit in a few months. My body is going to freak out on me and cause me all kinds of trouble. Until then, I can bask in the one day of warmth Ireland has given to us.

Be on the lookout for a detailed account of our adventure at Blarney Castle later in the week when I get back to my laptop.

πŸ™‚ MC



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