St. Patrick’s Day is Coming

I am so excited to spend St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland!! It is something I can check off the bucket list and always look back on.  In the coming days there will be festivals, parades, food, and of course booze.  The locals have warned me of preteens running amuck in the city drunk as old men.  Lord help us all if that really is the case!!

My weekend will begin tomorrow at 5:30pm at my friend Jeff and I take off on a bus to Cork.  Neither of us have been there yet, and we are excited to spend part of Paddy’s Day weekend in southern Ireland.

OH! By the way, if you would like to shorten St. Patrick’s Day, please pronounce and spell it correctly.  The Irish will tell you that is is PADDY’S Day not Patty’s. There is a difference.

For those of you blessed enough to be in the chaos that will be Dublin on the 17th, have a check at some of these pubs! You may find me looming around in some of them on Monday. 😉

Until I’m able to post again (which probably won’t be until Tuesday, so follow me on Twitter for quicker updates), I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and a lucky St. Patrick’s Day!

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